20 Pairs Of INSANE Shoes!

Whoa! WHO wears these?

1. Yes, Gorgeous (Not at all)

2. Haha. Makes me want to laugh AND cry at the same time. The absurdity!

3. Is this a JOKE?!?!

Is this a JOKE?!?!

4. Yes, EVERYONE wants to pretend to be stepping into cold fish every morning

6. I don’t know if these count as SHOES but.. OW!

7. New thing! Carry a fish in your shoes wherever you go.

8. Looks like a medieval torture device.

9. This ACTUALLY made me feel sick


10. It will be VERY hard to keep that tree there I bet

11. Alien Shoes!!

12. Those umbrellas will get in the way ALOT

13. Hobbit feet shoes!

14. Yes.. These look SO comfortable

15. What LOVELY goat hooves shoes (With a GUN heel!)

16. Now you can FREAK OUT lots of people!

18. Just… Speechless

19. Hey look! Penny LOAFERS (Slippers)

21. Moral: PITY those who waste their money on these MONSTROSITIES!

22. And….. Tell them to THROW THE SHOES OUT!

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