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The 12 Stages Of Room Selection At Seton Hall University

Room Selection for the next academic year and the process begins in February with deposit payment and ends in April with the actual selection of rooms online through your Housing Profile. Here are the stages students go through to pick a room on campus for the upcoming year.

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1. Paid my deposit on time


Room Deposits are due on February 28th for all students who wish to participate in Room Selection. Students who do not meet this deadline will not have their Priority Points calculated and will be added to the housing Wait List once they do deposit.

2. Submitted my roommate survey


Roommate surveys let us know living style preferences such as neat or messy, music preference, and study habits. They also contain the Housing License Agreement, which is our agreement to provide students with housing and a student's agreement to abide by our policies.

3. My club turned in their Priority Points roster


All SGA recognized clubs and organizations are sent a roster to complete and designate Priority Point levels for each of their involved members. Priority Points are awarded based on active, continuous, and consistent involvement and are awarded at the discretion of each organization's executive board. Priority Points rosters are due each year on February 28th. A list of all clubs and organizations received is published on the Seton Hall HRL Facebook page.

4. Received my Priority Points total, and at first I'm like..


Priority Points will be sent out in mid-March to your Seton Hall email address. If the total's a little lower than you expected, you can submit an appeal through email to You'll receive a response within 48 hours.

...but then I'm like...


Priority Point totals will designate the order in which you can pick your room and for which Room Selection processes you qualify. Students who wish to be pulled in as a roommate must have at least 27 Priority Points. Upperclassmen in Cabrini, Neumann, Serra, Xavier, or Ora Manor who wish to retain their rooms must have at least 29 Priority Points.

5. Read ALL the Room Selection Instructions


A Powerpoint containing step-by-step instructions will be emailed to all students qualified for Room Selection in late March. There are pictorial instructions, important words in bold-face, and a YouTube video, making it very easy to understand how to select a room. It's highly recommended students review these instructions prior to April 1st and speak to HRL if they have any questions.

7. Registered for classes


As per the Housing License Agreement, students must be registered as for a full-time class schedule (12+ credits) to live in University housing, unless they are graduating that same semester. Unregistered students will have their housing assignment cancelled and reassigned to a registered Wait List student.

8. Decided between Living Learning Communities

There are three living learning communities for upperclassmen at Seton Hall University:

Sophomore Discovery Program


Sophomore Discovery Program is housed on the 3rd floor tower of Xavier Hall. It features programming that caters to the needs of a sophomore student, including career exploration, academic support, and community service.

Turrell Manor Servant Leadership & Academic Excellence


Students with a 3.0 GPA or higher may apply to live in Turrell Manor, where students must complete at least 25 hours or more of community service. Turrell Manor is an apartment community located directly across the street from the main campus gate.

Greek Unity Floor


A new addition to our living learning communities, the Greek Unity floor is designed to provide University-run housing in our off-campus apartment building, Ora Manor, for our residents who are members of sororities and fraternities. Programming will be geared toward uniting different organizations and educating about Greek topics such as anti-hazing, new member education, and tradition.

9. Matched up with my roommate or roommates


Roommate matching is available for students with 27 or more Priority Points. All roommates must match with each other. Roommate matching will begin in April during Room Selection.

10. Picked my room


Room Selection times will be listed at the bottom of the Housing Profiles on PirateNet of the students who have qualified for Room Selection. Multiple room lotteries may be listed, and students can pick anytime after their room lottery time has passed while that particular lottery is still open. Room Selection is conducted via Housing Profiles.

12. Wait Listed


Sometimes demand exceeds our inventory of rooms available. If this should happen at the end of Room Selection, students will be added to the Wait List in lottery number order. Any students who submitted a housing deposit after February 28th will also be added to the Wait List AFTER those students who were qualified for Room Selection. These students will be organized by distance from home to campus and the date their deposit was received.

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