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If Jimmy Fallon Wrote Thank You Notes About Housing At Seton Hall University

Jimmy Fallon shared with Denzel Washington on his show once that he applied to Seton Hall University but was rejected. Now, years later, we find ourselves wondering what he would've written in his thank you notes to us, had he lived on campus his senior year.

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Jimmy Fallon talks to Denzel Washington about applying to Seton Hall University

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Thank you, Xavier Hall, for those late night dance parties with my roommate.

With the stresses of his last year at college, we're sure Jimmy would've appreciated the ability to "Shake-it-Off" with his roommate.

Thank you, Ora Manor, for teaching me how to safely cook in an apartment setting

Prior to the days when he was able to afford a private chef, we're sure Jimmy would've taken advantage of being able to take a commuter meal plan and try out some of his own recipes in the comfort of his newly renovated kitchen in his apartment in Ora Manor. And with Ora residents having Pathmark within walking distance, we're sure they would've been quite delicious (and safely prepared.)

Thank you, Cabrini Hall, for the programming opportunities my RA puts together for us.

Whether it's an elementary school musical instrument jam session or a demonstration on different ethnic dance styles, Jimmy would've found something to do in our halls to appeal to all of his interests.

Thank you, Neumann Hall, for being so close to my classes in Arts & Sciences, Fahy, and Nursing.

Without having to worry about commuting to campus, walking from the parking deck, and paying tolls and gas money, Jimmy would've been able to blow people's minds with his academic prowess, especially in the science labs.

Thank you, Serra Hall, for being conveniently located on campus where I can easily get to Career Services.

Jimmy was born to entertain and started doing stand-up comedy after dropping out of college. Had he lived on campus, he would've been super close to our Career Services office who probably would've helped him land an internship gig with SNL or NBC. If he did, perhaps we wouldn't have had to suffer through that whole awkward Jay/Conan late night transition argument.

Thank you, Turrell Manor, for promoting academic excellence and servant leadership. Good grades make me happy and so does helping others!

While Jimmy didn't have the grades to get into Seton Hall, he would've definitely enjoyed living in Turrell Manor as he happens to be a very charitable guy having worked with the Food Bank of NYC and Stand Up to Cancer.

Thank you, living on campus, for a gym membership that's included with my full-time student status and is walking distance from my room!

Had Jimmy lived on campus, he would have no reason not to give Bruce Springsteen a little more run for his money in this push-up competition. With our newly renovated rec center, he wouldn't have needed to buy a gym membership or get a personal trainer elsewhere!

Thank you, cable and wifi that's included in my housing cost, for not having to deal with annoying cable guys who don't show up on time.

Jimmy could've watched all of his favorite shows without having to wait around all day for one of those cable guys to show up to hook him up. With cable and wifi included with housing, that's one less bill he would've had to pay!

Thank you, living on campus, for teaching me how to properly clean my bathroom.

By learning to take care of his bathroom, Jimmy was ready to take on the world of living on his own after graduation!

Jimmy, we've got a home for you here at The Hall. Congratulations on your success. In hindsight, you would've made a great Pirate.

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