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    Five Really Weird Experiences To Have In Europe.

    Europe has it's fair share of super weird attractions. Check out some of the really weird things for yourself.

    1. Go River Surfing in Munich.

    Cheryl Howard / Via

    Watch the pros surf a 1 meter wave in the center of Munich. A city located 500 kilometers from the coast and 1,100 kilometers from any surfable waves, it's hard to believe that an extreme sport like this is possible within Germany.

    2. The Phallological Museum in Reykjavík.

    The Culture Map / Via

    The Phallological Museum in Reykjavík, Iceland contains the world's largest collection of ... penises. There are preserved specimens like whale and seal penises and even a large assortment of penis related memorabilia.

    Men, take note. They're accepting "donations!"

    3. Run the Marathon du Médoc in Bordeaux.

    espaces / Via

    Thousands of people participate in the charity race, Marathon du Médoc, in France every single year. They don flamboyant costumes and attempt to complete the marathon, all the while drinking wine and eating cheese.

    Needless to say, many get so drunk that they don't quite reach the finish line.

    4. Throw Tomatoes at La Tomatina in Buñol.

    Suitqais Diaries / Via

    Go crazy and throw tomatoes like a crazy person by attending the super fun La Tomatina in Buñol, Spain. This festival happens only once a year, when for a few hours, thousands of people can literally whip truckloads of crushed tomatoes at one another.

    5. Smile at the Happy Rizzi House in Braunschweig.

    Kuriositas / Via

    It looks like Sponge Bob Square pants puked all over this building in Braunshweig, Germany. Try not to smile as you gaze at this modern building, adorned with all sorts of pop art like smiley faces, hearts and lips.

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