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It's Achievable To Have Success In 2014

You can have success in the new year!

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It's Achievable to have success in 2014

There's something we need to talk about now.

Imagine a big objective you want or it could be one you've already started on and you have been handed a ton of problems or a lot failures. You've been handed a ton of biter pills to swallow. Could be you're already ready to give up? Could be you're just in need of a little uplifting, a touch of inspiration to dust yourself off and get back on the field again.

This is what you have to be able to perceive! They are champions, They are failures and They are those who don't know how to try. And all it takes is a little direction. It really is just a helping hand and pat on the back, just a bit of backing. All you need is some understanding or different approach, a plan of action. To learn how to open the locked door that will be the key to a universe that was unknown to you. That can give you a direct connection to the ocean of power that is contained within yourself. That really is all that is required.

With that said, what I need you to do is really think about what YOU want, what YOU find authentic, that is critical for YOU! That for YOU gives a extraordinary meaning to your life. Now you're not going to lie to yourself and say you can do that now! I don't even want you entertaining that notion! I don't want you to start down the road of doubt. No, no. I want you to have the courage to say something to yourself that will give you the power to be honest with yourself. That when you speak those words even in light of gargantuan trials. It will be a reason to endure. To continuously re-evaluate, testing and improving your strategies and your plan of action. Constantly looking for ways to succeed.

So, what is that objective? When you have a vision. you want to start with, you may not have the funds, you may not have the book smarts, you may not have the assistance or tools you need? What is that objective? That will keep you moving you forward and enable you to take action against the pain? Which one of those equations? That can bring you to unearth the secrets to that dream? This is what I need you to repeat after me, with truth and power. Say it's achievable. That's it, that's all I want you to say and think and believe when you stare down at your objective. Say it every hour if you have to! Say it's achievable! Say it again and again to yourself.It's achievable.

Why you ask? What can that do for you? See, it'll change how you respond to events. The thing is, is that the way we function is diverged from what we believe we're capable of doing. Just about everything you have done up to listening to me all it equates to is copy, it's a recreation of what you believe in your mind of what is achievable for you in this life time.

Many people function out of their experiences. Out of their recollection!of things they've done, things they experienced, things they've perceived, things they figured out. What I'm telling you is for you to work outside that realm of thought and function on a vision of yourself. I'm telling you to see yourself being who you want to be. Feeling the way you want to feel. Getting what you want to get. Exploring what you want to explore in. Obtaining what you want to obtain! fulfilling what it is that gives your existence meaning and value. Function out of your vision not your recollection! Because when you look at what you want to do, I'm giving you fair warning that your going to have a moment of doubt in the back of your head. And once you've analyzed all your experiences from your past, it's going to tell you can't do it. And so what needs to be done and what you need to start doing is shutting out that inner conversation. Since with most people when anything negative happens to them they believe full heartedly that that's the way things are. That's how they will always be and that there is no chance for them to make it change.

Example. Prior to October 14th, 1947 It was generally accepted that it was impossible for humans to go faster than the speed of sound. As it had been attempted again and again and again and everyone failed. The fact was that man was not capable of breaking the sound barrier. That was the fact which was accepted. But then here's what happened, Chuck Yeager strolled in and he broke the sound barrier. Now this is what's important about this since that time to this day humanity has developed hundreds of vehicles that surpass the speed of sound and even a HUMAN Felix Baumgartner has broken the sound barrier! EVEN A HUMAN WHAT CHANGED? This is what changed, there was a new truth about that barrier, about this achievement that was unreachable. And all those people got on that journey KNOWING that beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was achievable. That someone else had done it and that they could do it.

And I'm saying that you know people who have had dreams and aspirations, anything they wanted to do and they did it then in your very soul you know it's achievable and that you can achieve it! And that if those people can make their aspirations become fact and not fiction then you can make your aspirations a reality! And so while you start looking where you're going to go, starting by that it's ACHIEVABLE!

Your gifted and enjoyable. There's a lot that's good because of you, you've got a good spirit! You can take your amazing talent and share with the world. That you achieve what you want to achieve! It's ACHIEVABLE! You can be star, you can get out of debt, you can take the world by storm and impress anyone. It's ACHIEVABLE. You can get back up from the pain and re-invent your life! It's achievable. Doesn't matter where you are right now, only that it can get better.

It's achievable...

So.....are... you....ready?

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