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Facebook Is Not A Dating Site But.....

Ok, before I start this lets clear up a few things. Facebook is not a dating site. It is not made to be a hook-up site. It is a social networking site for the online community worldwide created by university drop out. Regardless of this, Facebook brings a metric shit ton of sexually frustrated people from various internet cafes together. So bang sessions regularly do happen . The question every horny bro wants to know is; "How can I be one of those lucky bastards?" So what is the secret; you're asking yourself while you get ready to like a cat wearing a hat picture. Listen to your buddy Cherry's leet tips to stop having girls throwing their digital drinks in your digital face. Treat women like you treat anyone else. Stay with me now! This is all fact!. Scientific research has shown that women are of the same genetic make up as men! That's right my hairy palmed friend! They're just like you, except they have those delightful vaginas of wonder and boobs of glory!!! So do yourself a solid and stop treating them like a sleeping cow you can push over. Ladies have a different value system They are motivated differently and will react differently to things than you would. Imagine if you would a sexy lady was to flash you her delightfulness.99.8% of the time this willl result in the man starting to sing ave maria while a single tear drops from his face. Now reverse the positions. History will show that the police will some how become involved and a restraining order put in place. Ladies are smarter than you thought (clever girl.....) They're entering and are graduating from, universities at much higher rates than us schmucks. As such don't go for the little mind games because no matter how good you're at it, the ladies are the developers of said mind games. Ladies want a real man That means you need to make your profile real. You're allowed to have flaws. Unlike most "boys"; women don't demand perfection. Sure they love to look at (Insert their super hot dude of choice here), but they don't mind if your not that guys twin brother who just happens to be available. They want to know that you'll put effort into yourself; after all, if you won't put effort into yourself, then how are you going to put effort into them? A rose growing in manure is still in manure. Stop trying so damn hard Ever wonder why the hot mami chats to the only guy in your group who has a girlfriend? It's because he isn't acting like a man who just walked into a Mc'ds after not eating in 15 days. Women can sense desperation incredibly well and when you act desperate your level is over 9000. Just have fun Make stupid posts, have fun convos with your friends, make a youtube video. Have you ever noticed that when you're not trying to "Pick up chicks bro" and are just trying to have a good time that women smile and flirt with you? You're going to notice it now! Because fun looks like fun, and everyone wants to have fun. Except Buzz Killington but there has to be an exception to every rule. Good things come to those who wait Hunting or chasing those of female persuasion on Facebook is generally viewed as predatory or if they suck at it comically. And no matter how Adam Sandler pure your intentions, it isn't going to get you passed an eye roll. HOWEVER if you take heed to my points, and just give life a big ol bear hug! Being happy being you and building friendships, eventually some lovely X chromosome creature type will say hi and will look to start *GASP* a conversation! Now young apprentice when this happens, do not take off your pants off instantly for the slight chance at bumping uglies. You got something here so don't fuck it up by pulling the pin on your grenade before even throwing it. CHILL OUT! Women have sex drives too (if you don't believe me ask lesbians) and when you're in the green zone they will bring up the topic on their own! I mean you won't even need to add water! You're not entitled to anything, so don't expect anything. Just because someone is nice to you, doesn't mean they owe you anything right? So when someone you like is nice to you it doesn't mean you can treat them like your dog does to everyone's leg. Whatever may be, may be. Just be grateful for the shot you can take and think with the head on your shoulders not with the one between your legs. Hope this helps and if it didn't well here's a hot girl picture! Enjoy! This is CJ Rams for Cherry Rammer signing off! PEACEEEEEE

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