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The "OLD" Weeknd Vs. The "NEW" Weeknd

So it's been four weeks since The Weeknd made his epic comeback with a new 'do and new vibe. The "New" Weeknd has left some fans thinking that he has lost his mojo so they have been tweeting and Facebook commenting about how they miss The "Old" Weeknd. What made everyone fall in love with The "Old" Weeknd so easy? And I'm not talking about his uniquely luscious locks.

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Sex, Drugs and Parties

At the start of his career, the world saw him as the combination of a young Michael Jackson with his impressive falsetto notes and a young Prince with his rare funk.

It is fair to say that The Weeknd introduced a new era of R&B. His songs heavily supported his emotional approach towards sex, drugs and parties. To his fans, all his songs were gorgeous sounds because of the performance level of sexiness and elegance he would generate in his songs which worked in his favour as he never got bad press and hardly any negative social media reactions.

For the past six years, this Canadian sensation has grown to become a worldwide sex symbol joining Prince and David Bowie in the hall of fame. He was the first artist fans would think of adding to that secret Spotify sex playlist of theirs and the first artist fans would think of as one of the most authentic due to his level of creativity he applies in the making of his album. The time that his sex symbol status truly got the recognition it deserved was his Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack "Earned it" in February 2015. This soundtrack alone strongly encouraged twice the amount of fans he already have to fall in love with his slow-paced and edgy R&B vibe.

Trilogy, Kiss Land and Beauty Behind the Madness were all a vivid representation of The Weeknd's past life filled with non-stop sexual ecounters, mild drug use, wild parties and doomed love. These themes are considered to be depressing but fans will never know how The Weeknd shared his stories in such an enchanting style.


The Weeknd's new music video Starboy featuring Daft Punk revealed the death of his previous self along with his trademark locks but what made this death so intriguing was that his new self was , in fact , the perpetrator wearing a black mask.

Fans across the world immediately understood that Starboy is a story on The Weeknd's rebirth. Viewers witness him smashing the house, that belonged to his previous self that included empty alcohol bottles and even his gold records. But the strangest thing in all of this was that he used a bright red cross to smash the belongings with.

Could he be ready to leave the wild party lifestyle for good? Is he becoming a Christian? After all, his girlfriend is supermodel Bella Hadid and he is living like a rock star so what more could you want? It is a strong possibility he just wants to leave everything behind that reminds him about his past, which will allow him to focus on his upcoming, successful future.

Some fans are left disappointed with the Canadian artist because they are convinced that the Hollywood elite system has got to him and has destroyed the uniqueness and edge they fell in love with in the first place. They are scared that he will just blend in like all other music artists and become dull. His new haircut did not help this transforming situation as social media users took the loss of his locks seriously.

Just over a month until the full Starboy album breaks the internet, which will determine whether The Weeknd completely lost his edge or that his dramatic haircut will never change his way he produces music.

He recently performed his second single False Alarm on NBC's Saturday Night Live which is a less intense song than Starboy but still genius as he managed to make Alternative Rock mixed with R&B sound beautiful.

Starboy will be released on November 25th . This is the date that should NOT be missed.

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