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4 Silicon Valley Bathroom Designs That Will Inspire You

Airbnb, Pinterest, Facebook and Eventbrite's creative bathroom designs may inspire and surprise you.

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Today is #WorldToiletDay, let us take a look at a few delightful bathroom designs that may inspire you. To me, bathroom design tells a lot about company culture and brand. (The numbers below do not mean ranking)

1. Airbnb

Airbnb's travel-themed bathroom designs range from vintage suitcases, planes, flight attendants, sailor outfits to a makeup dresser in a jungle. These well thought out designs really inspire you to travel and many #bathroomselfies are taken on Instagram.

2. Pinterest

Pinterest is the place to go to pin creative ideas and collect inspirations. Their DIY gene also represents in the bathroom decor, for example the hand-painted flamingos in women's bathroom.

There is also a fitting & shower room that fees like a hair salon.

3. Facebook

Facebook is known for its many colorful posters. The one piece tooth brush with toothpaste incorporated is the more noticeable. Normally disposable toothbrush comes with a tube that people may throw away. Here, it's convenient and efficient.

4. Eventbrite

Besides being pretty, bathroom design for tech companies can be quite practical for those who are always on their laptops.

Eventbrite has a laptop / iPad holder in every stall.

Above are bathroom designs that caught my eyes. Feel free to add more to the list. Photos all taken by the author :)

Happy #WorldToiletDay !

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