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    17 Things Anyone Who's Ever Had A Friend Breakup Knows

    Pizza for one, please.

    Everybody knows that breaking up is hard to do.

    It's hard on the heart and the ego.

    But the silver lining of losing a special someone... knowing that your friends have your back.

    Which is why losing a friend is 100% worse than losing a lover.

    Let's compare:

    1. First of all, a romantic break-up may hurt, but at least you know where you stand.

    But with a friend break-up, you may not even know what hit you.

    2. Mourning a romantic break-up means wearing your PJs while your friends give you chocolate and tell you how ~amazing~ you are.

    But mourning a friend break-up means wondering if all the friends you shared are your friends or their friends now.

    3. Rebounding after a romantic break-up: no-strings-attached sex with your office crush.

    Rebounding after a friend break-up: drinking the whole bottle of shit wine you used to share and watching your favourite bad reality TV alone.

    You can't re-create the intimacy of an old friendship.

    4. Your social life after a romantic break-up: taking time to focus on your friendships, treating yourself, and reclaiming your independence.

    Your social life after a friend break-up: "Oh god, do I have to join a club or something now?"

    5. Purging after a romantic break-up: getting rid of all the junk they left behind.

    Goodbye coffee mug with lame joke on it, goodbye old razor, goodbye T-shirt they gave you that you secretly hated but pretended to love.

    Purging after a friend break-up: wondering if there's anything you like that won't remind you of them.

    6. Finding someone new after a romantic break-up: online dating, singles nights, flirting like crazy.

    Finding someone new after a friend break-up: "Why the fuck is there no Tinder for friends?"

    7. Facebook after a romantic break-up: cutting the cord with a clear status update.

    Facebook after a friend break-up: unfriend? Unfollow? Ignore? Keep liking their stuff like nothing ever happened? Silently fume every time they update?

    8. Instagram after a romantic break-up: you looking your hottest + weepy quotes.

    Instagram after a friend break-up: painstakingly prepared lunches for one.

    9. Twitter after a romantic break-up: sliding into a new crush's DMs like...

    Twitter after a friend break-up: 0 retweets, 0 likes, 0 replies.

    10. Bumping into your ex-partner: flaunting how amazing you look and how awesome your life is now.

    Bumping into your ex-friend: weirdly and passive-aggressively pretending you're still friends.

    11. Parties after a romantic break-up: "I'm a free agent and I will do me tonight."

    Parties after a friend break-up: "How do I even talk to other humans?"

    12. Reinventing yourself after a romantic break-up: getting a daring and awesome new haircut.

    Reinventing yourself after a friend break-up: accepting your life as a solitary creature and referring to yourself as your own best friend.

    13. Drunk-dialling your ex-partner: Embarrassing, but likely to be ignored or end in unhealthy but satisfying post-break-up hook-up.

    Drunk-dialling your ex-friend: truly the saddest thing that ever happened.

    14. Music after a romantic break-up: escaping with that go-to playlist of sad songs that completely get you.

    Music after a friend break-up: trying to find a single song about losing a friend and wondering if you're literally the only person on the planet this has ever happened to.

    15. Letting it all out after a romantic break-up: Crying on all your friends' shoulders and going home to eat your parents' food.

    Letting it all out after a friend break-up: starting an anonymous blog to bitch about how they ruined your life.

    16. Hangovers after a romantic break-up: eating as much gross, greasy hangover cures as you want because you are your own boss now.

    Hangovers after a friend break-up: eating the whole post-drinking pizza by yourself and holding your own hair back while you're sick.

    17. Making new friends after a romantic break-up: bonding over nasty exes.

    Making new friends after a friend break-up: definitely scary, but definitely possible.