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19 Things You Need If You're Mildly Obsessed With Stuff

More stuff for all your stuff.

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But being attached to your stuff means you can end up with a lot of extra junk and not a lot of space.


And that collection of Goosebumps you haven't touched since you were fifteen isn't going to get itself out of the way.

But never fear! Even mild hoarders can organise their life. All you need is more things!


That's right! More things for your things! But specific things – things that will help you organise your things and make them more accessible, so you can actually take advantage of and enjoy all your awesome stuff.

If your whole house has become your junk drawer, here's a few things you can use to sort it out without throwing out a single precious artifact:


7. This post organiser.

If you can't bring yourself to toss out that stack of letters that's been piling up on the countertop, might as well give your post collection a place of honor in the house. Then you can find your recent bank statements with ease.

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8. This adorable photo display.

If the front of the fridge is already full of snapshots and postcards, this delightful little wall fixture will make the perfect annex for displaying all those birthday cards and polaroids you can't bear to part with.

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