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    34 Photos That Prove All Book Lovers Should Live In Hay-On-Wye

    The bookshelf porn capital of the world.

    1. This sexy book corner.

    2. This off-street book passage.

    3. This charming Tudor shop.

    4. This Transylvanian church interior.


    6. This crime-fiction specialty shop.

    7. With the perfect interior.

    8. This well-stocked outdoor shelf.

    9. Or this tiny, adorable one.

    10. This droolworthy staircase.

    11. This arousing colour coordination.

    12. This sci-fi section.

    13. These perfect reading enclosures.

    14. This breaktaking display.

    15. This lovely hideaway.

    16. These packed shelves.

    17. This eclectic collection.

    18. These tiny editions.

    Addyman Books, Hay-On-Wye.

    19. This recycled book exhibition.

    20. And this one.

    21. This travel guide trove.

    22. This gothic cupboard.

    23. This underground collection.

    24. This perfect exterior.

    25. And this even more perfect interior.

    26. This cosy reading nook.

    27. This converted cinema.

    28. This open-air vintage book shelf.

    29. This Holy Grail of book rooms.

    30. This cute AF window display.

    31. And this classy one.

    32. These endless shelves.

    33. This honesty bookshop.

    Honesty Bookshop, Hay-On-Wye.

    34. And all of the other tucked away book shelves, waiting to be explored.

    For more book-themed adventures in Hay-on-Wye, the Hay Festival runs annually.More information here.