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What Should Every Tourist Know Before Coming To London?

Skip the Eye and go to Greenwich.

London is a cultural and historical icon, and every year millions of people flock to see it.

But anyone who lives here knows London's not just a tourist trap. / Via

It's a living, breathing city, and there's more to it than the overpriced Eye and Buckingham Palace.

So what advice would a seasoned Londoner give to new visitors who want a more authentic and informed experience?


Maybe every tourist should know about the fringe theatres that put on West End-quality productions.

Or that Angus Steak House is SO NOT the way to go.

Maybe there's a park or museum way more magical than the guidebook classics.

Or maybe they just need a friendly reminder to stand on the right.

Leave us your best and most well-meaning advice for London tourists below and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.

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