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27 Secrets International Students In Britain Won't Tell You

70% on an essay = A++.

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2. And London is not the only city worth studying in.

If you're as brilliant as people assume you are for getting into a UK uni, you ought to be smart enough to know the cost of living is much more reasonable everywhere else. Not to mention fresh air actually exists outside the M25.

3. Studying in Britain can be insanely expensive.


Between overseas tuition fees, travel costs, exchange rates, and let's not forget all the charming visa fees, your bank account is probably permanently in the negative.

4. But shelling out all that cash doesn't mean you're loaded.


It probably means you're smart, resourceful and are either deep in debt to your home country or completely wiped out from all of the grant applications you applied for.

7. But you know there's no one to call for help.*


"We can not address any visa inquiries," is the sound that haunts your dreams.

*OK, there are lots of people but they're all lawyers with pretty outrageous fees.

9. Creating your course schedule can be seriously confusing.


There's always the sneaking suspicion you need more contact hours or that some random course cannot possibly meet a degree requirement... but there's not really any clear way to tell.

12. Finding a job that respects your working hours limit is like panning for gold.

"Don't worry, Dad, my 20 hour work limit at my minimum wage counter job totally earns me enough to eat and live in a safe part of town..."

15. You might be behind on cultural staples.

Like the way a historical narrative was presented back home vs the way they were taught here. Or more importantly, Alan Partridge jokes and Marmite.

20. And that person will always be the worst.


Even if they're actually the nicest, they can say insane things like "Once I'm finished with school I think I'll just head over to Paris for a a year or so and see what's happening there."


23. It's a little hard to study full-time and meet your tourism goals.


"I would like to write my dissertation on Madam Tossaud's so that I have a legitimate excuse to go there."

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