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22 Things Every Turtle Lover Needs In Their Life

Cute as shell.

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Chelsey Pippin / BuzzFeed / Via Society6 / Etsy

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1. These cute AF paper clips.

Get them for £7.50.

2. This classy phone case.

Get it for £13.16.

3. This dreamy wall tapestry.

Get it for £56.60.

4. This tea turtle.

Get it for £13.17.

5. These precious push pins.

Get them for £2.

6. This metallic barrette.

Get it for £16.09.

7. This lovely print.

Get it for £20.

8. This shell-shocked shirt.

Get it for £16.34.

9. This wise travel mug.

Get it for £14.61.

10. These charming studs.

Get them for £7.50.

11. This pillow that says it all.

Get it for £24.87.

12. This too-cute-for-words laptop case.

Get it for £18.01.

13. This simple and sweet tote.

Get it for £13.66.

14. These dainty hair pins.

Get them for £10.29.

15. These magical leggings.

Get them for £33.19

16. This turtle-tastic pencil pouch.

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17. This t-shirt that perfectly sums you up.

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18. This motivating mug.

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19. These minimal studs.

Get them for £30.

20. This cheery spiral notebook.

Get it for £7.50.

21. This geometric makeup bag.

Get it for £11.50.

Get it for £11.50.

22. This cosy tortoise-patterned quilt.

Get it for £65.99.