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    18 Things I Wish I'd Done Before I Left London

    All the underrated gems and touristy adventures that are actually worth it.

    At the end of last year, after seven years in London, I broke things off with the first city I ever loved.

    It's a massive, exciting, endless-evolving cultural centre, so there's no way I could tackle the WHOLE thing in seven years!

    So whether you're planning your first visit, a Londoner looking to fall back in love with your city, or a soon to be ex-Londoner wanting to make the most of your time left in town...

    Here's a list of the things I still want to check off my London bucket list:

    1. Explore the Barbican Conservatory

    2. Poke around God's Own Junkyard

    3. Attend the Ceremony of the Keys at Tower of London

    4. Take a cable car ride over east London

    5. Visit the Mithraeum

    6. See the London Contemporary Orchestra

    7. Swim in Hampstead Heath

    8. Have a drink up the Shard

    9. Explore Highgate Cemetery

    10. Attend Notting Hill Carnival

    11. Book into the SkyGarden

    12. Visit Kew Gardens

    13. Attend Letters Live at Union Chapel

    14. See a gig at Wilton's Music Hall

    15. Stand on the Meridian Line

    16. Climb the Monument

    17. Watch the sunrise over breakfast at Duck and Waffle

    18. Visit Crystal Palace Park

    What's still on your London bucket list?