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    The Definitive Guide To Sherlock Holmes' London

    Hot on the trail of the series and stories.

    1. 221b Baker Street

    While there was no 221b Baker Street when Arthur Conan Doyle wrote the Sherlock Holmes stories, the address has since been instated for The Sherlock Holmes Museum. BBC's Sherlock actually films the bachelor pad exteriors at 187 North Gower Street in Camden.

    2. Russell Square Gardens

    In Sherlock, it's Watson's run-in with an old friend at Russell Square Gardens that puts John and Sherlock's famous partnership into motion.

    3. Montague Street

    Arthur Conan Doyle lived at Montague Street, near the British Museum, when he first moved to London, and around the corner is the Museum Tavern, which makes a cameo in his story 'The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle'.

    4. Tapas Brindisa Soho

    You can sit down for a bite in the restaurant where John and Sherlock are eating before taking off for the great taxi chase through in Sherlock's first episode 'A Study in Pink'. Tapas Brindisa was called Tierra Brindisa during filming, and has since gone through a renovation, but the view out that window is still the same!

    5. Northumberland Avenue

    A timeless Sherlockian location, Northumberland Avenue, once Northumberland Street, is home to the Sherlock Holmes Pub. The pub formerly operated as The Northumberland Arms, and was featured in the 1892 Holmes story 'The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor'. After the Inn purchased an extensive Sherlock-themed exhibition from the Festival of Britain, it transformed itself into the Sherlock Holmes. Northumberland Street is referenced in BBC's Sherlock in 'A Study in Pink,' as the starting point of a taxi chase.

    6. New Scotland Yard

    Sherlock and Watson make many a trip to the New Scotland Yard offices, where Lestrade can often be found.

    7. Tower 42

    The striking Tower 42 skyscraper in London's financial district was used as a shooting location in BBC's Sherlock, parading as the Shad Shanderson corporation in 'The Blind Banker'.

    8. South Bank Skate Park

    In BBC's Sherlock, an important cipher that helps Sherlock uncover the mystery of 'The Blind Banker' can be found at the South Bank Skate Park. Hiding in plain sight among the graffiti, the cipher would take a genius to find, but you can always visit and try your luck.

    9. The Cafe Royal

    The Cafe Royal in central London was once a French restaurant. and has since been renovated into a gorgeous hotel. It's the site of an attack on Sherlock in Arthur Conan Doyle's story, 'The Adventure of the Illustrious Client.'

    10. Oxo Tower

    In BBC's Sherlock's 'The Great Game', Sherlock and Watson arrive on the foreshore of Oxo Tower to examine the washed up body of a gallery security guard.

    11. Waterloo Bridge

    The area beneath the Waterloo Bridge is Sherlock's connection to the highly useful homeless network.

    12. Battersea Power Station

    The Battersea Power Station plays a vital role in the premier episode of the second series of BBC's Sherlock. Lestrade, Sherlock, and Watson examine a body found on the site's exterior near the cranes, and the interior is later used for scenes between Watson and Irene Adler.

    13. Eaton Square

    Irene Adler called 44 Eaton Square, situated in Belgravia, home.

    14. Simpsons-in-the-Strand

    Simpson's was a favourite meal spot for Sherlock and Watson in Arthur Conan Doyle's original stories, and remains in business on the Strand today.

    15. China Town

    London's Chinatown plays an integral role in 'The Blind Banker' episode of BBC's Sherlock, as home of the missing Soo Lin and the Black Lotus Tong gang.

    16. Buckingham Palace

    In the BBC series, Sherlock makes a memorable naked appearance at this royal British landmark, though the interiors were actually filmed at Goldsmith's Hall.

    17. The Old Bailey

    The Old Bailey, formally known as the Central Criminal Court of England and Wales, is a gorgeous work of architecture and the site of Moriarty's messy trial in BBC's Sherlock.

    18. British Academy

    The British Academy on Carlton House Terrace served as the exterior for the Diogenes Club.

    19. St James Park

    The lovely St James Park affords Sherlock and Watson an unmatchable view of London while they consider the mystery of 'The Sign of Three' in BBC's Sherlock.

    20. Leinster Gardens

    23-24 Leinster Gardens is a suitably mysterious shooting location for BBC's Sherlock, since the building isn't at all what it seems. The building's front is a facade to mask train steam from a nearby tunnel, and offers even more strangeness when Mary Watson's face is eerily projected upon in it in 'His Last Vow'.

    21. Bow Street

    Conon Doyle's Sherlock often attended performances at the Royal Opera House on Bow Street, and the story 'The Man with a Twisted Lip' has its astonishing conclusion at the police court on the same road.

    22. St Bartholomew's Hospital

    St Bartholomew's Hospital in West Smithfield, London is a vital location in Sherlock canon. It's the venue for Sherlock and Watson's first meeting in both Arthur Conan Doyle's original stories and BBC's television adaptation. The series also uses St Bart's as the site of Sherlock's famous fall, instead of the Conan Doyle's original setting at Switzerland's Reichenbach Falls.

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