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    16 Gorgeous Locations From Pride And Prejudice You Can Actually Visit

    You'll love it, most ardently.

    1. Chatsworth House, Derbyshire

    In the 2005 film version of Pride and Prejudice, the stunning Chatsworth House in Derbyshire provided exterior and interiors for Mr Darcy's swanky mansion at Pemberly.

    2. Lacock Abbey Cloisters, Wiltshire

    The interiors of Lacock Abbey in Wiltshire stood in for Mr Darcy's alma mater, Cambridge, during flashback scenes to his time as a student in the 1995 BBC miniseries.

    3. Belton House, Lincolnshire

    Belton House is a gorgeous 17th century manor home in Lincolnshire and appears in the BBC miniseries as Rosing Park, home to Darcy's stern and stuffy aunt, Lady Catherine de Bourgh.

    4. St Mary the Virgin Church, Weekley

    St Mary is nestled in the ancient thatched-roof village of Weekley, and doubled as Mr Collin's parsonage in the 2005 Pride and Prejudice adaptation. Dating back to the 13th century, St Mary is a gem in the tiny town in the country.

    5. Stourhead Garden, Wiltshire

    Buried deep in the beautiful greenery of Stourhead Garden is the Temple of Apollo, where Mr Darcy makes a swoonworthy confession to Elizabeth in the P&P film from 2005. This hauntingly beautiful and endlessly romantic spot in Wiltshire also facilitates weddings.

    6. Groombridge Place, Kent

    The idyllic Groombridge Place starred as the Bennet's home in 2005. Situated near Tunbridge Wells and surrounded by gorgeous gardens, Groombridge is a great day out, whether you're a Jane Austen fan or not.

    7. The Peak District, Derbyshire

    Elizabeth on the cliffs is an iconic image in both the 1995 and 2005 adaptations of Pride and Prejudice. Here, Jennifer Ehle as Lizzie in the BBC miniseries looks over the countryside of the Peak District in Derbyshire.

    8. Basildon Park, Berkshire

    The timeless Basildon Park appears on screen in 2005's Pride and Prejudice as Netherfield Park. While the outside looks straight out of Jane Austen's pages, the interior was actually renovated in the 1950s to meet the modern styles and standards of the time.

    9. Burghley House, Lincolnshire

    In 2005, the striking Elizabethan manor, Burghley House, was perfectly grand as Lady Catherine's Rosings Park.

    10. Chapel Street, Longnor

    Chapel Street in Longnor, Derbyshire was home to the Lambton Inn in the BBC Pride and Prejudice miniseries. The modern area looks much the same, and you can even book yourself a place to stay nearby so you can experience Derbyshire in true Elizabeth Bennett style.

    11. Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire

    Robin Hood isn't the only literary hero to leave his mark in Sherwood Forest. In the 2005 adaptation of P&P, Elizabeth makes her way through the lush, green woodland.

    12. Lacock Village, Wiltshire

    Quaint and fairytale-esque, Lacock Village makes a perfect double for Austen's Meryton Village in the 1995 Pride and Prejudice miniseries from BBC. This National Trust protected village in Wiltshire also makes cameos in the Harry Potter films, and Wolfman.

    13. Stanage Edge, Derbyshire

    In a breathtaking scene from the Pride and Prejudice film, Kiera Knightly's Elizabeth Bennett took in the world while perched atop Stanage Edge.

    14. Luckington Court, Wiltshire

    The cheery and light Luckington Court was home to the Bennets in the BBC miniseries, Pride and Prejudice.

    15. Lyme Park, Cheshire

    Lyme Park, the striking Edwardian manor in Cheshire became Pemberely, in BBC's Pride and Prejudice.

    Check out this detailed map for a comprehensive itinerary for visiting the locations in all of Jane Austen's novels.