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The "Love Actually" Guide To London

Love actually is all around.

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1. Heathrow Airport

Whether you're saying hello or goodbye, emotions run high at Heathrow Airport, and Love Actually opens and closes at Britain's busiest airport. Next time you're carting your trolley through cursing your long layover, take a deep breath and feel the love in the air.

2. Somerset House

Don your skates and find a hand to hold to visit one of the most romantic spots in London at Christmas time. It's hard not to feel that love is all around when you spot lovers or families enjoying the magical atmosphere on the frozen rink in front of Somerset House, which was used in several establishing shots for Love Actually.


8. 10 Downing Street

Jump for my love! The prime minister's offices and residence at 10 Downing Street is one of many iconic locations used in Love Actually. However, unlike with Notting Hill, the South Bank, and Selfridges, a sound stage was used for it, but stopping by the real thing and imagining Hugh Grant dancing across the lawn won't hurt anybody.


11. Selfridges, Oxford Street

Alan Rickman aka Harry may be dumb to get mixed up with his secretary Mia and even dumber to shop for a classy gift for her while out with his wife, but at least he has good taste in his retailers? During a painfully funny scene at Oxford Street staple Selfridges, Rowan Atkinson's delicate packing almost gets Harry found out.

12. Poplar Road, Herne Hill

In the end, the nice guy gets the girl (instead of the sleazy American president), but he has to find her first. Natalie tells the prime minister that she lives in the dodgy end of Wandsworth, but in fact shots of her home were filmed in Herne Hill. It's quite a long street, and in a classic rom-com misadventure, the prime minister must knock on every door to find Natalie's house.

13. Elliot School, Putney

You can't miss the historical significance of the first and probably only school to feature a nativity-play lobster, not to mention a mini Mariah Carey. The shots of Sam's school (also that of Karens' kids and Natalie's siblings) were filmed at Elliot School, now closed, in Putney. The nativity play boldly features a host of unconventional nativity attendants, showcases Sam's drumming skills, and exposes Natalie and the prime minister!

Hurt your heart and treat your eyes by visiting this charming area of Notting Hill where the exteriors of Juliet and Peter's house were filmed, and where the most heartwrenchingly pitiful love scene that ever happened took place.

Love you forever, Mark.