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23 Signs Your Partner Is Also Your Best Friend

"I love you and I like you."

1. Sleepovers are 100% more amazing when your bestie is also your S.O.

2. Your social life and your sex life are pretty much the same thing.

3. Your S.O. is the first person you go to for advice.

4. Fighting with your partner is THE WORST, because the person you want complain about them to...IS THEM.

5. And your fights tend to be less about your relationship and more about who ate the last biscuit.

6. High fives are a completely legit form of PDA.

7. You know exactly what to give each other for Christmas.

8. You've got sexting all figured out.

9. You're really good at doing nothing together.

10. And complaining about everything.

11. You share clothes.

12. You have all the same friends.

13. You've tricked each other into liking all your favourite things.

14. You gossip about your mutual friends ALL. THE. TIME.

15. They appreciate the little things about you.

16. Netflix is basically the third member of your relationship.

17. You've done gross completely nonsexual things to each other.

18. You actually expect an honest answer when you ask them how you look.

19. You both appreciate a good breakup joke.

20. When people say you're a cute couple it just sounds weird.

21. You don't do traditional romance.

You just do AWESOME.

22. You're way too busy hanging out all the time to ~date~.

23. But you wouldn't have it any other way.