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Posted on Mar 22, 2017

What's The One Book Should Every Mum Should Read

For those of us in the UK still looking for the perfect mother's day gift.

Mum: noun, hereby defined as a woman who made you, raised you, or made you feel like you belonged.


Needless to say, they're pretty important and incredible women, and there's no shortage of books out there celebrating the unique and powerful experiences of mothers, and the relationship between mothers and their children.

From fluffy fiction...


The Jane Austen Book Club is a classic for mothers, daughters, and Austen fans.

To relatable memoirs...


These sharp observations on her own experience of motherhood by Anne Enright are a good place to start.

To breaktaking poetry...

Grove Press

Like Claudia Rankine's stunning collection about an expectant mother, Liv.

To heart-string tugging picture books...


Robert Munsch's feelsy classic will have you crying for your mum like none other.

Book mums are only second best to your mum.


So what's the best book you've read that celebrates and explores motherhood? Tell us in the comments and it could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video!