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    Posted on Aug 19, 2015

    37 Delightful Products Every Tea Lover Needs In Their Kitchen


    1. Map your week with this insanely accurate tea towel.

    2. This tea set transitions perfectly from day to night.

    £55 from Etsy

    3. And you must have this matching teaspoon to go with it.

    £9.50 from Etsy

    4. This mug gets a milky tea just right.

    £8.89 from Amazon

    5. How about a pot that infuses a strong brew straight into your mug?

    £16 from Amazon

    6. This fin-tastic infuser is a must-have.

    £8.69 from Amazon

    7. And this tea towel has its priorities straight.

    £11.50 on Etsy

    8. When panic strikes, reach for this cosy.

    £40 on Etsy

    9. You can plant an actual tea garden on your window sill.

    £8.50 on Etsy

    10. This personalised art print is a kitchen necessi-tea.

    11. This tea candle makes the perfect centrepiece.

    £8.99 from Etsy

    12. This tea towel will help you choose a tea-time treat.

    13. While this towel will help you make one!

    £8.95 from Etsy

    14. Keep these kit-tea bags on hand for ultimate cosiness.

    £4.80 from Etsy

    15. This light fixture is totally mugging for the camera.

    £115 from Etsy

    16. Pad a kitchen stool with this wise pillow.

    £9.50 on Etsy

    17. Whip this elegant teacup out when you're feeling fancy.

    £19.63 on Etsy

    18. Spread some love with this splendid print.

    19. You can make a periodic tea-ble from these nerdy coasters.

    £12 from Etsy

    20. Reserve this mug for your finest guests.

    £12 from Etsy

    21. This tea towel knows what's up.

    £10.80 from Etsy

    22. And this one knows how to keep its mouth shut.

    23. You NEED these lovely teapot-shaped saucers.

    24. This art print speaks the truth.

    25. And this one has its sights set beyond the kitchen.

    26. These coasters are wise AF.

    £8 from Etsy

    27. Make sure everybody knows how you like it with this mug.

    £11.25 from Etsy

    28. Channel your inner beast with this Jurassic pot.

    £24.88 from Etsy

    29. This tea-rific wall decal is a must.

    £15 from Etsy

    30. Who needs a cheeseboard when you can have this TEA board?

    31. Summon your strength with this magical mug.

    £6.50 from Etsy

    32. What tea lover could resist this precious tea towel?

    33. Take your tea from the kitchen to the garden with this fab tray.

    34. This art print says it all.

    £6.55 from Etsy

    35. This teacup set asks the important questions.

    £19 from Etsy

    36. The tea towel won't let you forget the essentials.

    37. And this one knows the value of a nice cup of tea.

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