17 Useful Tips To Get Over Jet Lag Quickly

    Whether you're heading into or coming back from a faraway place, the urge to hang on to your natural bedtime is strong.

    1. Get an overnight flight if you can.

    2. Work ahead.

    3. Start your day by rinsing with an invigorating shower gel or facewash.

    4. Stretch.

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    Keeping your body limber and loose will help you stay alert and comfortable during your waking hours, plus stretching relieves stress that could add to your exhaustion. Try these beginner yoga poses to start your day with a focused mind and relaxed body.

    5. Take your vitamins.

    6. Two strong coffees – no more, no less.

    7. Don't dress down.

    8. Create a pumped-up playlist.

    9. Eat well.

    10. Take one half-hour power nap halfway through your day.

    11. Get some fresh air.

    12. Limit your alcohol intake.

    13. Take tiny breaks.

    14. Make dinner plans with a friend.

    15. Hydrate.

    16. Find a helpful app.

    17. Be positive!