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    26 Perfect Little Gifts For Best Friends

    Because the love of your life isn't always romantic.

    1. These charming little studs.

    2. This heartfelt print.

    3. This gushing mug.

    4. This sweary stamp.

    5. This jumper that shows how well you know them.

    6. This sweet Palentine's card.

    7. These chatty pendants.

    8. This cross-stitched motto.

    9. This perfect print for long-distance BFFs.

    10. This lock and key earring set.

    11. This Chanel mantra.

    12. This Prosecco and chocolate kit for emergencies.

    13. This perfect phone case for a loveable sweet tooth.

    14. This darling card.

    15. This friendly reminder.

    16. This Galentine's bracelet.

    17. This personalised print for your favourite person.

    18. These inscribed midi rings.

    19. This printed ring dish.

    20. This lovely friendship pendant.

    21. This simple print.

    22. This high praise.

    23. This charming cuff.

    24. These matching compass necklaces.

    25. These matching tees for lazy days.

    26. And this perfectly sappy ode to your relationship.