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34 Charming Accessories All Fairy Tale Lovers Need

Better than a glass slipper.

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. This mini-version of your favourite storybook.

2. These lovely floral pendants.

Get them for £41 each from Etsy.

3. One of these splendid Beauty and the Beast cuffs.

4. This Cinderella-inspired wrap ring.

5. This ode to the fairy tale Dewey decimal point.

6. This storybook locket.

Get it for £19 from Etsy.

7. This dragon hatchling ring.

8. These mismatched fairy tale earrings.

9. These charming friendship necklaces.

10. This fairy tale princess charm necklace.

11. This wax seal necklace.

12. These castle turret rings.

Get the set for £16 from Etsy.

13. This delightful carriage necklace.

14. Or this one.

15. This Snow White charm necklace.

16. This subtle "fairytales do come true" cuff.

17. This dainty magic wand chain.

18. This positively magical charm bracelet.

19. This storybook locket ring.

20. This layered magic mirror necklace.

21. This little mermaid watch pendant.

22. This witchy charm necklace.

23. And these matching cauldron bobble earrings.

24. This trusty spiral ring.

25. This cursed rose necklace.

26. This charming frog prince ring.

27. Or these delightful unicorn rings.

28. This happy ending silk wrap bracelet.

29. This charming Pan flute.

30. Or this surefire way to hold on to your glass slipper.

31. These matching Snow White and Prince Charming rings.

32. This handy motto.

33. This Cinderella's Pumpkin Carriage inspired engagement ring.

34. And this sweet reminder that life is the most wonderful fairy tale there is.