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28 Things Every Book Lover Wants Their Partner To Know

Romeo and Juliet is not romantic, fyi.

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2. Pride and Prejudice is NOT every person's favourite book.

Though many of us do enjoy rereading and picturing Colin Firth forever and always.

3. And Romeo and Juliet is a very bad love story.

Sorry, but no one is worth killing yourself over. There are too many books in the world left to read.


4. There is no gift more romantic than a book with a note on the title page.

Unless we're the kind who doesn't like marks on our books, so best to find out before you go scribbling.

5. A literary themed holiday is the only kind of holiday.

Just going to leave this here for inspiration.


8. Hermione is GOD.

Bow down to the book queen.


12. There will be books all over the house...

We like to be surrounded by our favourite things, aka books and you.

14. Sometimes we will read at the dinner table.

No offense.


18. So you should probably add Zadie Smith, Flannery O'Conner, Junot Diaz, et al to your shelf.

You can find some pretty excellent reccomendations for diversifying your reading list here, here, here, and here.


20. Don't worry, our fictional crush doesn't compare to you.

But we will probably love them forever, soz.

21. Good book withdrawal is a real thing.

Bring chocolate. And more books.

22. Reading together in bed is unequivocally the best date.

26. More than words can wield the matter.