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    22 Things That Will Make Sense To Grisha Fans

    You're probably too busy with Crooked Kingdom to read this.

    1. This candle, which probably smells like rot and booze and greed but also weirdly like home.

    2. This sick burn.

    3. These perfect Six of Crows valentines.

    4. This fanart, which hit you RIGHT. IN. THE. FEELS.

    #Baghra and the #Darkling in happier times, for @lbardugo. #grisha #TGT #TheGrishaTrilogy #Aleksander #leighbardugo

    5. Spending hours trying to decide what kind of Grisha powers would be the best for your lifestyle.

    If Alina can be the Sun Summoner then I choose to be the Pizza Summoner.

    6. The inability of our Queen Leigh Bardugo to do any wrong.

    7. Except when it comes to torturing your faves.

    8. Not being 100% on board with the cape situation, if you're honest.

    I MEAN, A) they must be so expensive and B) and so impractical and C) like why does the Darkling get to claim a whole colour that is OTT evil from the start?

    9. CAT. BREKKER.

    10. This lullaby for shippers.

    11. Envying anyone who has a German copy of the books because OMFG THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL.

    12. This weirdly sensible fan theory.

    13. The perfection of this bookmark squad.

    14. This accurateish crossover.

    15. And this one.

    16. Just everything on Overheard in Ravka tbh.

    17. This FEELSY future.

    18. This proof that Kaz and Inej are so wrong but so right.

    19. This very important lip balm.

    Go ahead, make chapped lips your villain.

    20. This WTF AU you never knew you needed.

    21. This essential life motto.


    22. And this candid shot of all of us right now.


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