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    48 Pictures That Prove Iceland Is Actually Another Planet

    Your bucket list just got a whole lot longer.

    1. This is what the sunset looks like in Iceland.

    Roman_slavik / Getty Images

    2. Seriously, this is an actual thing you can see on this planet.

    Tomassereda / Getty Images

    3. So the question is...

    Mdulieu / Getty Images

    4. Why do we all not live here already?

    Tomassereda / Getty Images

    5. Iceland has some of the most incredible views in the world.

    Fyletto / Getty Images

    6. Like this.

    Kavram / Getty Images

    7. And obviously this.

    Neutronman / Getty Images

    8. It has insanely colourful geothermal hot springs.

    Martinm303 / Getty Images

    9. And so many waterfalls.

    Javarman3 / Getty Images

    10. They are ALL beautiful.

    Pétur Gunnarsson / Getty Images

    11. Like, whoa.

    Naphakm / Getty Images

    12. There are also the geysers.

    Cdebruijn / Getty Images

    13. Which look even cooler before they erupt, tbh,

    Filip Fuxa / Getty Images

    14. This is a real thing you can actually see.

    Suppalakklabdee / Getty Images

    15. When Iceland isn't busy being a winter wonderland...

    Lightphoto / Getty Images

    16. It could probably pass for a tropical island.

    Bjornstefanson / Getty Images

    17. There are some wicked volcanoes.

    Moodboard / Getty Images

    18. Don't be fooled, this is not Mordor:

    Satori13 / Getty Images

    19. It is an actual place on this earth.

    Moodboard / Getty Images

    20. Even the non-volcanic peaks are completely out of this world.

    21. And that SYMMETRY.

    Coolkengzz / Getty Images

    22. Honestly.

    Fyletto / Getty Images

    23. This country is pretty much perfect.

    Amac00 / Getty Images

    24. Not to mention it has ice caves.

    Aiisha5 / Getty Images

    25. ICE CAVES.

    Rwydro / Getty Images

    26. Perfect frozen hideaways just waiting to be explored.

    Flickr: davidburstein / Creative Commons

    27. So unreal, so goddamn beautiful.

    Rwydro / Getty Images

    28. Reykjavik, the capital, is basically the cutest.

    Tsuguliev / Getty Images

    29. And has the best view.

    Barbara Helgason / Getty Images

    30. But the countryside is even more picturesque.

    Topdeq / Getty Images

    31. I mean, so perfect.

    Anastasiya Zolotnitskaya / Getty Images

    32. Iceland also has the Blue Lagoon.

    Roberthoetink / Getty Images

    33. Which is basically like swimming in a warm cloud.

    Nikoncharly / Getty Images

    34. The Jokulsarlon lagoon isn't too shabby either.

    Javarman3 / Getty Images

    35. There are completely amazing natural landforms all over the country.

    Martinm303 / Getty Images

    36. Like these smoking fields in Kerlingafjoll.

    Martinm303 / Getty Images

    37. Or this basalt column beach.

    Ica28 / Getty Images

    38. Or steaming fumaroles, which are incredible, no matter how bad they smell.

    Tiger_barb / Getty Images

    39. You can visit a lake inside a volcanic crater.

    Topdeq / Getty Images

    40. Or bathe in a thermal cave.

    Serg_aurora / Getty Images

    41. Icelandic glacier formations are some of the strangest and most beautiful things you'll ever see.

    Purestock / Getty Images


    42. Frozen perfection.

    Sodapix Sodapix / Getty Images

    43. How can some dirty ice be so completely stunning?

    Pytyczech / Getty Images

    44. And let's not forget that puffins are the squirrels of Iceland.

    Spotsygirl / Getty Images

    45. And that black sand beaches > white sand.

    Ak-photo / Getty Images

    46. And that everything about the whole country is just completely unreal and gorgeous.

    Stanislav_moroz / Getty Images

    47. Stop showing off, Iceland.

    Gornostaj / Getty Images

    48. (JK, let's all move there.)

    Fyletto / Getty Images

    A previous version of this article included an image of the Indonesian volcano Anak Krakatau. The image has been replaced with the Icelandic volcano Bárdarbunga.