48 Pictures That Prove Iceland Is Actually Another Planet

    Your bucket list just got a whole lot longer.

    1. This is what the sunset looks like in Iceland.

    2. Seriously, this is an actual thing you can see on this planet.

    3. So the question is...

    4. Why do we all not live here already?

    5. Iceland has some of the most incredible views in the world.

    6. Like this.

    7. And obviously this.

    8. It has insanely colourful geothermal hot springs.

    9. And so many waterfalls.

    10. They are ALL beautiful.

    11. Like, whoa.

    12. There are also the geysers.

    13. Which look even cooler before they erupt, tbh,

    14. This is a real thing you can actually see.

    15. When Iceland isn't busy being a winter wonderland...

    16. It could probably pass for a tropical island.

    17. There are some wicked volcanoes.

    18. Don't be fooled, this is not Mordor:

    19. It is an actual place on this earth.

    20. Even the non-volcanic peaks are completely out of this world.

    21. And that SYMMETRY.

    22. Honestly.

    23. This country is pretty much perfect.

    24. Not to mention it has ice caves.

    25. ICE CAVES.

    26. Perfect frozen hideaways just waiting to be explored.

    27. So unreal, so goddamn beautiful.

    28. Reykjavik, the capital, is basically the cutest.

    29. And has the best view.

    30. But the countryside is even more picturesque.

    31. I mean, so perfect.

    32. Iceland also has the Blue Lagoon.

    33. Which is basically like swimming in a warm cloud.

    34. The Jokulsarlon lagoon isn't too shabby either.

    35. There are completely amazing natural landforms all over the country.

    36. Like these smoking fields in Kerlingafjoll.

    37. Or this basalt column beach.

    38. Or steaming fumaroles, which are incredible, no matter how bad they smell.

    39. You can visit a lake inside a volcanic crater.

    40. Or bathe in a thermal cave.

    41. Icelandic glacier formations are some of the strangest and most beautiful things you'll ever see.

    42. Frozen perfection.

    43. How can some dirty ice be so completely stunning?

    44. And let's not forget that puffins are the squirrels of Iceland.

    45. And that black sand beaches > white sand.

    46. And that everything about the whole country is just completely unreal and gorgeous.

    47. Stop showing off, Iceland.

    48. (JK, let's all move there.)

    A previous version of this article included an image of the Indonesian volcano Anak Krakatau. The image has been replaced with the Icelandic volcano Bárdarbunga.