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7 Ways To Entertain Yourself This Week

New episodes of Designated Survivor, cinnamon syrup doughnuts, and an app that's perfect for procrastinators.

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1. Watch Designated Survivor.


Ailbhe says: "OK, so Designated Survivor is my favourite show and it's back for a second season. As ever, it's basically the West Wing meets 24. There's an overarching whodunnit narrative, a couple of zingy one-liners, and a commitment to making level-headed policy decisions. It's pure escapism, and there's a new episode every Thursday."

Watch it here.

Or watch Netflix's true crime parody (aka eight episode long penis joke), American Vandal – which I was surprisingly rapt by.

2. Read the new book from John Green.

Five years after the Fault in Our Stars left readers feeling NOT OKAY AT ALL, Green is back with another gutting yet hilarious book for young adults. Turtles All the Way Down is exactly what you want from Green: smart, angsty, and full of Tumblr-worthy quotes.

Get a copy here, or get the audiobook.

Or read the haunting story that story that won the BBC Young Writers Award here.


3. Listen to Bill Bryson's Appliance of Science.

Chelsey Pippin / Audible / BuzzFeed

In this audio-documentary, national treasure Bill Bryson chats to Science Museum curators about curious and bizarre objects and inventions. Coming in a just over 2 hours, it's perfect for a weekend train journey, or to put on while doing a tidy of the house.

Listen here.

Or check out this lovely little playlist.

4. Download Wreck This App.


I love this digital version of Keri Smith's delightful creativity workbook Wreck this Journal. It's perfect for moments of feeling stuck, bored, and anxious: just open up the app, complete a page or two, and do your faves over and over again. I think it's a brilliant way to practise mindfulness and playfulness without any pressure.

Get it here.

Or tease your brain with a classic round (or 30 rounds) of Dots and Boxes.

5. Treat yourself to one of these glorious gifts for stationary lovers.

Rebecca Hendin / Getty / BuzzFeed

Treat yourself, your shelf, and your desk to these perfect to any of these dreamy stationary items and start inviting some creativity in to your to-do list.

Or make your smart phone even smarter with these handy products.

6. Make these cinnamon syrup-glazed doughnuts.

Facebook: video.php

A sweet and warming autumn dessert you'll want to make year round for sure.

Or how about one of these autumn aesthetic recipes?

7. Follow Black in The Day.

Tolani says: "This Instagram feed is just filled with pictures of black people in Britain. The bio describes it as "a visual journey through the Black British Experience," and that's exactly what it is."

Check out more of BuzzFeed UK's black history month coverage here.