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    7 Ways To Entertain Yourself This Week

    New episodes of Designated Survivor, cinnamon syrup doughnuts, and an app that's perfect for procrastinators.

    Rebecca Hendin / Getty / BuzzFeed

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    1. Watch Designated Survivor.


    Ailbhe says: "OK, so Designated Survivor is my favourite show and it's back for a second season. As ever, it's basically the West Wing meets 24. There's an overarching whodunnit narrative, a couple of zingy one-liners, and a commitment to making level-headed policy decisions. It's pure escapism, and there's a new episode every Thursday."

    Watch it here.

    Or watch Netflix's true crime parody (aka eight episode long penis joke), American Vandal – which I was surprisingly rapt by.

    2. Read the new book from John Green.

    3. Listen to Bill Bryson's Appliance of Science.

    Chelsey Pippin / Audible / BuzzFeed

    In this audio-documentary, national treasure Bill Bryson chats to Science Museum curators about curious and bizarre objects and inventions. Coming in a just over 2 hours, it's perfect for a weekend train journey, or to put on while doing a tidy of the house.

    Listen here.

    Or check out this lovely little playlist.

    4. Download Wreck This App.


    I love this digital version of Keri Smith's delightful creativity workbook Wreck this Journal. It's perfect for moments of feeling stuck, bored, and anxious: just open up the app, complete a page or two, and do your faves over and over again. I think it's a brilliant way to practise mindfulness and playfulness without any pressure.

    Get it here.

    Or tease your brain with a classic round (or 30 rounds) of Dots and Boxes.

    5. Treat yourself to one of these glorious gifts for stationary lovers.

    Rebecca Hendin / Getty / BuzzFeed

    Treat yourself, your shelf, and your desk to these perfect to any of these dreamy stationary items and start inviting some creativity in to your to-do list.

    Or make your smart phone even smarter with these handy products.

    6. Make these cinnamon syrup-glazed doughnuts.

    Facebook: video.php

    A sweet and warming autumn dessert you'll want to make year round for sure.

    Or how about one of these autumn aesthetic recipes?

    7. Follow Black in The Day.