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    Here's How To Chill The Fuck Out This Week

    Refresh on Stranger Things, cook delicious moo ping, and stalk some serious burgers on Instagram.

    Sian Butcher / BuzzFeed

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    1. Watch Stranger Things Season 1


    We're well and truly in Spooktober, AKA the month that Stranger Things season 2 drops, so it's about time to initiate a brush-up binge in prep for new episodes, don't you think?

    Watch it on Netflix.

    For something nice and easy, I LOL'd my way through Nick Kroll's Big Mouth.

    2. Read A Manual For Heartbreak by Cathy Rentzenbrink


    You can easily swallow this book up this weekend – I know 'cause that's what I did last weekend. It's a lovely and warm series of essays on grief and life and mental health, and you'll close it feeling empowered and understood.

    Get it on Amazon, or get the audiobook.

    Or check out another short book I read recently, Dear Ijeawele, or a feminist manifesto in fifteen suggestions, but the incomparable Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

    3. Listen to Wonderful Wonderful by the Killers.

    The Killers

    This album brings back 80's reverb in a very turn-it-up-able way. The Killers have changes a lot since "Mr Brightside" – and this record sees them with some new members – but they're still something special indeed.

    Listen here.

    Or check out the BBC's Short Story podcast.

    4. Download The Office Quest.


    Ailbhe says: "I stumbled upon this free game while scrolling the app store on a Sunday night. It's a neat little platform puzzle game, with enough challenges to keep you thinking, but nothing so frustrating that you'll quit the game. The ultimate sign of approval? When I finished Chapter One I immediately paid £2.99 for Chapter Two."

    Get it for iOS and Android.

    Or try your hand at the stunning and creative Brainsparker.

    5. Treat yourself to this darling Nocturnal Journal.

    6. Make this delicious Moo Ping.

    Facebook: video.php

    So juicy, so warm and perfect for colder weather. And not too difficult either!

    For dessert, how about one of these quick and tasty banana recipes?

    7. Follow @bigeatsburgers