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Just Some Really Perfect Ways To Kill Time This Week

Get into Preacher, little pep talks, and good wine this week.

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1. Watch Preacher.


This crazy graphic novel adaptation is back for its second season, weirder, louder, and gorier than ever. I'm taking it slow rather than settling in for a full-out binge, but enjoying the ride – the cast is KILLER, with Ruth Negga as a no-bullshit, complex con artist, Joseph Gilgun as a screwball vampire, and Dominic Cooper as a moody criminal turned preacher with a literal god complex.

Watch it on Amazon.

Or check out Netflix's GLOW, if you, like me, are behind the times and haven't started it yet. (I keep hearing the best things!)

2. Read Bluets by Maggie Nelson

I recently read this on a plane journey home from a beach vacation, and I've never had a book more perfectly match my mood. Nelson's book dips back and forth between memoir, philosophy, and prose poetry in a brilliant (and quite short!) exploration of her lifelong attachment to the colour blue. It's beautiful, smart, and transportive, and I can't recommend it enough.

Get a copy here.

Or get yourself a copy of Juno Dawson's The Gender Games, which I also read on holiday and bloody loved.


3. Listen to this perfect July playlist.

Live your best life in the last week of July with these eclectic summer james curated by Emma.

Or check out this new X-Files audio drama featuring the original sci-fi detective duo, (Her Royal Badass Bitchness) Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny.

4. Download Drop Wizard Tower.

This adorable platformer is an excellent time-waster – what else do you need to know?

Get it for iOS and Android.

For something more ~productive~, I recommend Motivate, which gives you a daily pep talk.

5. Cook this vegan feast.

I made this quick and delicious butterbean mash with crispy kale and balsamic-garlic mushrooms from Mindful Chef last week and it's definitely going to become a regular weekday meal. Filling, hella healthy, and ready in 30 minutes = dream meal.

Recipe here.

For a sweet finish, how about these brigadeiros?

6. Try getting into wine.

Tim Lane / BuzzFeed

I picked up the chatty and informative Cork Dork, which follows one journalist's quest to become a sommelier, for my book club earlier this month and have been savouring it over after work glasses of wine ever since. Around the same time, I was given a copy of The Dirty Guide to Wine, SO THE UNIVERSE MUST BE TELLING ME SOMETHING. Wine is a great hobby to get into and an even greater one to use to lord over your friends, and an even GREATER way to get drunk with ~class~, so what are you waiting for? Here's a very handy guide to start your own cork dork journey.

For a booze-free activity, try treating yourself to a satisfying facial.

7. Follow @britishlibrary.

Infuse your Instagram feed with literary history by following the British Library, which offers all kinds of captivating visuals and literary trivia nuggets that you can bring up if you want to be THAT GUY at the party. For real though, if you're into authors' weird handwriting, beautiful illustration plates, and stunning old spines, this one's for you.

Follow here.

Or check out @Correct_Names on Twitter for laughs, and vindication for anyone else who knows that a kangaroo's true name is a T-Rex Deer.