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Here's How To Chill The Fuck Out This Week

What to watch, play, drink, and more.

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1. Watch The Keepers.


I know I'm a little late to the party on this, but I also know loads of my friends haven't seen it yet so I feel like it's still a really good recommendation. For fans of Serial, S-Town, The Wire, this 7-part Netflix documentary is an absolute MUST. Launching with two retired women investigating the unsolved murder of their high school teacher, The Keepers slowly becomes so much more than a whodunnit, and you won't be able to look away. I watched it over two train trips last weekend and it was the PERFECT distraction from my commute.

Watch it on Netflix.


2. Read The Adventures of John Blake by Philip Pullman.

David Fickling Books

Fill the gap between now and the release of Pullman's The Book of Dust with this gorgeous graphic novel from the undisputed king of children's fantasy books.

Get a copy here.

Or check out the brilliant new book from UK YA writer Non Pratt, Truth or Dare.


4. Download Pocket.


This app is such a lifesaver - I use the browser add-on to save links any time I see an interesting article I want to read, and the articles get saved directly to my phone so I can read them offline. A godsend when I'm stuck on the tube and have forgotten my book.

Sign up here.

Or check out the Jenga app, which was still weirdly fun even on a digital interface.

5. Drink these simple rose and whiskey cocktails.

This simple but incredibly classy little mixer drink combines two of my favourite things: whiskey and rose lemonade. And actually, the recipe conceived by Tincup whiskey is just that: 50ml of Tincup whiskey, topped up with Fentimans rose lemonade. It's a brilliant spring time drink. I added a few dried rosebuds from T2 to really cinch it.

For a meal, try this vegan buckwheat risotto from Mindful Chef – I made it last week and it was surprisingly filling and delicious.

6. Try making this DIY zen garden.

Facebook: video.php

In this weird political landscape, why not escape to a miniature sand landscape instead? This lovely little project will keep you busy while you make it, and even busier as you use it.

Or daydream a bit by planning your dream holiday through Airbnb's personality-matching travel planner.

7. Follow @DogWhatISaw

Lovely frenchie concerned about how we were cooking our sausages and a potential Le Pen win - 2:12pm Slottskogen

Another gem from Ailbhe, this account is the balm to your irritated social media feed. Full of delightful doggo sketches, this simple account will brighten up your day in no time.

For even more dog-themed accounts, check out this list.

This is a regular series, so leave your recommendations for good ways to kill time in the comments below for a chance to be featured in future posts!