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    Here’s How To Chill The Fuck Out This Weekend

    Settle in with some good TV, food, and words this weekend.

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    1. Watch The Leftovers.


    This show is "SO WORTH IT," says Kassy, "I am just consistently blown away." And I have to say, SAME. The third season is currently airing on HBO in the States, but you HAVE to start from the beginning, even if you were keeping up with earlier seasons, because this dense meditation on faith from the creators of Lost is a real mind trip in the best way, and it doesn't hurt to be fresh on the details.

    Start with season one on iTunes.

    Nah? How about restoring your faith in the world a bit with Netflix's lovely new Bill Nye (the Science Guy) series.

    2. Read Three Daughters of Eve by Elif Safak


    Jasmin says: I'd recommend it to anyone. It goes between a party the main character's attending in Turkey during the present, and flashbacks to her time at Oxford University over a decade before, where she led a completely different life and you watch as some secrets about her life are revealed. Sometimes when novels are driven by big themes, the plot tends to be put aside, but this deals with religion, spirituality and feminism in lots of interesting ways while not losing pace. Definitely an important read. "

    Get a copy here.

    Or check out this stunning essay unpacking one writer's complicated estrangement from her father.

    3. Listen to this exclusive Alien story.


    The radio play is making a comeback with this exclusive Audible drama set in the Alien universe. Filled with tension and stellar voice performances, River of Pain is edge of your seat good. Perfect for getting through a commute sans boredom.

    Listen on Audible.

    Or check out this new track from Dama Scout. Rebecca says: "I'm really into "Paper Boy," the recently released third single from trio Dama Scout. It comes on the heels of their late 2016 debut "Forget It's Good" and follow up "All In Too", both of which are similarly brilliant. "Paper Boy" continues to explore Dama Scout's diverse sound. Lazy drums give way to dreamy choruses before the song accelerates into a guitar-led instrumental and bruising end section, with vocalist Eva Liu’s ethereal melody repeated over a dissonant mix of growling bass and trashy cymbals. It's about imaginary friendships and lucid dreaming - and the sound suits the theme well. It's gorgeous, and so, so good."

    Listen here.

    4. Download Pret a Template

    This super cool app lets you play around with fashion design and create gorgeous sketches. It's super nice for anyone looking to move on from mindfulness colouring apps to something a bit more creative.

    Get it for iOS.

    Or check out Just 2 Pics for some mind-numbing distraction.

    5. Cook these delicious and stealthily healthy cheesecakes.

    Pollen and Grace

    These creamy passionfruit and lime cheesecakes are free from gluten, wheat, dairy, and refined sugar. AND they're vegan. AND AND they're super delicious. In you're in London, you'll have seen prepackaged nutritious treats from the charming local vendor Pollen + Grace on the high street, but here's how to DIY.

    For the base:


    - 1 cup almonds

    - 1 cup brazil nuts

    - 1 cup walnuts

    - 1 cup desiccated coconut

    - 2 tbsp coconut sugar (optional)

    - 100g coconut oil, melted

    - pinch of salt


    1. Blitz all the nuts in a food processor until fine

    2. Mix in the desiccated coconut and coconut sugar

    3. Rub in the coconut oil in with fingers

    4. Line a baking tray with parchment paper, spread the mixture on the tray and bake for 10-15mins, until golden brown

    5. Leave to cool whilst making the filling

    For the filling:


    - 1 1/2 cups cashews (soaked overnight)

    - 2 ripe avocados

    - 1 cup coconut oil

    - juice and zest of 5 limes

    - jucie and zest of 5 lemons

    * 4 passion fruits


    1. Melt the cup of coconut oil then add all the ingredients except the passionfruit to a food processor

    2. Blitz until smooth

    To serve:

    These can be made as either individual portions or a larger cheesecake. For pots, use individual ramekins, or for a larger cheesecake, use a loose-sided baking tin. We recommend individual pots for a fuss-free picnic option!


    1. Evenly add the base to the bottom and press down until firm and even

    2. Add the filling to the top and smooth down until even

    3. Finally, add the pulp of half a passionfruit to the top of each cheesecake if individual, or over the whole cheesecake if making one large cheesecake.

    4. Leave in the fridge to chill and thicken before serving.

    Recipe courtesy of Pollen + Grace.

    Looking for something quick and dirty? This cheesy bread bowl should do it.

    6. Try treating yourself to a surprising little day trip.

    7. Follow @childrenswritersguild on Instagram.

    This is a weekly series! Comment below or @ me with the cool ways you're spending your time this week for the chance to be featured in upcoming posts!

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