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    7 Ways To Entertain Yourself This Week

    Shows to watch, books to read, food to cook, and more.

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    1. Watch Designated Survivor.


    Ailbhe says: "This show is the perfect intersection of The West Wing and Gossip Girl. Kiefer Sutherland plays a politician who's left to run the country after a terror attack kills all the members of government. He's an independent who was previously in charge of housing – so it's basically President Liberal Arts Degree. He makes fair but tough decisions, and just tries to live his new life in the White House with his wife and kids. The plot's a thriller, but nothing too nail-biting, and the lead detective is the amazing Maggie Q. The most refreshing bit? She shares a theory with her boss at the FBI and he *listens* to her and *believes her*. The dream."

    Watch it on Netflix.

    Also don't miss out checking out Amazon's Pilot Season and giving your reviews for which shows you want to see more of.

    2. Read The Forever Court by Dave Rudden.

    3. Listen to Grow Up by Desperate Journalist.

    Desperate Journalist

    Rory says: "They're great, a combination of Siouxsie & the Banshees and the Smiths with a lead singer whose epic croon reminds me of Björk. The dream of '80s indie is alive and living in Zone 2 London."

    Listen here.

    Or check out Becky's new fave: "I am a bit in love with the new Thundercat album, Drunk. It's soul, jazz, electronic, hip-hop, and R&B all fused together in a wonderful way. It's the perfect thing to listen to before you go out, with a nice drink in hand. Or when you get in later, but you're not ready for bed. Or when you're having dinner with friends. Or on a lazy Saturday, or a sunny Sunday, or in a boring traffic jam. I've been listening to it on loop, basically. It's special."

    4. Download Ticket to Ride.


    I am a huge fan of the tabletop version of this game – which is basically a less complex and less time-consuming alternative to Risk. You've got to strategize to connect railroad tracks across the US (or Europe, India, and more if you get the expansions) before other players fill up the routes you need. And now it's available in an app version that really holds up!

    The best part is that there's lots of different modes of play: solo against the computer, online with strangers, Bluetooth connections with local friends who have the app, and pass and play. The solo and pass and play versions are available for offline play, which makes it a perfect commuter option.

    Get it for iOS and Android (it's on sale this week!).

    For something with more action, try Zombie Tsunami.

    5. Try getting a little bit creative with these helpful products.

    Rebecca Hendin / Getty / BuzzFeed

    Sometimes inspiration is just a prompt away; this list of products offers workbooks and kits to get you started on making something new. Enjoy!

    Or treat yourself to a tried-and-tested new obsession from this list.

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