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Just Some Really Excellent Ways To Kill Time This Week

What to watch, read, eat, and more.

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1. Watch The Crown.


Start your year off the classy way: with a POSH binge. If you haven't caught it yet, Netflix's The Crown is really something. Claire Foy is incredible as the young Queen Elizabeth II, and is joined by Matt Smith, John Lithgow, Vanessa Kirby, and more for a really enthralling modern historical epic.

Watch it here.

For another royal family epic, Netflix UK has finally brought The Fresh Prince of Bel Air online.

2. Read If I Was Your Girl by Meredith Russo


Ailbhe says: "I read this book immediately after reading Tranny by Laura Jane Grace – which was unintentional, but really good timing. If I Was Your Girl is a YA novel about a young trans woman, written by a trans woman. Russo incorporates a lot of her personal experiences, but allows for suspension of disbelief (some details are smoothed over - ie the narrator, Amanda, has no trouble passing – something which Russo addresses in a post-script) in order to get to the meat of the subject (Amanda's suicide attempt pre-transition, her discomfort at telling new friends about her history).

It's a quick read, but one that sticks with you after."

Get a copy here.

And don't miss these excellent books by British authors of colour published in 2016.

3. Listen to the Royal Court Playwright's Podcast.

The Royal Court

Whether you're a hardcore theatre nerd or passing appreciator of the arts, this lovely podcast runs quarterly conversations with some of the world's best playwrights and is brought to you by one of London's best theatres. From learning about the process of writing plays to chats about the human condition, every episode has something fascinating to offer.

Listen here.

Alternatively, check out the new single from The Shins.


4. Play Grumpy Cat's Worst Game Ever

Just a bunch of silly little mini-games brought to you by Grumpy Cat. Dare you not to get distracted by that face. This is a perfect brainless commute/toilet game.

Get it for iOS and Android.

If you don't like Grumpy Cat, try Loop!

5. Cook this breakfast roll up sandwich.

Facebook: video.php

Start your day off right with this toasty breakfast sammie, or get wild and have a breakfast for dinner night. Or you know, both. It's fine.

Recipe here.

Sweet tooths should opt for this chocolate and banana mug cake.

6. Try your hand at calligraphy.

Rachel Miller

Get creative with your lettering and impress everyone you'll be sending late Christmas thank-you cards to.

Tips on getting started here.

Or find another creative hobby that suits you here.

7. Follow a jug.

Jug: a cross breed between a Jack Russell Terrier and a pug, aka the BEST KIND OF DOG IN THE WORLD.

Here are just a few of my favourites:




Not a dog person? How about @daily_painting?