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    Stop What You're Doing And Check Out These Cool Things

    Read, watch, and play the week away.

    Rebecca Hendin / BuzzFeed

    1. Watch Lovesick.


    "The second season of Lovesick (formerly Scrotal Recall) went live on Netflix last week," says Alicia. "It's only eight 30-minute long episodes so you can easily smash it out in an evening if you are that way inclined (I am). It's a really funny, touching look at three best friends managing their deliciously entangled love lives. The music is great, the acting is great, and it's so British. I adored it and need season three ASAP!"

    Watch it on Netflix.

    2. Read The Outrun by Amy Liptrott.


    Becky says: "It's a memoir about the author returning home to Orkey after time in rehab in London. It's a beautiful plunge into wild, lonely island life: staying up all night to watch meteor showers or the Northern lights, looking for rare birds, and swimming in the freezing sea. She moves from a life of partying, working, and drinking in the city, to complete isolation in nature, and I find the idea of that inspiring and intriguing."

    Buy a copy here.

    3. Listen to "All in Too" by Dama Scout.

    Dama Scout

    Rebecca says: "I cannot highly enough recommend the track 'All In Too'. It's the second release from Glasgow/London trio Dama Scout, following their debut 'Forget It's Good', which caught the attention of new music blogs and influential UK broadcaster BBC Introducing & Amazing Radio.

    "All In Too" is a jagged mix of krautrock and noise-pop. Citing influences from Deerhoof to The Beatles, Autolux and Meshuggah, pulsating verses and dreamy vocals are interspersed with atonal fuzzy sections and a frenzied free-time bridge full of sludgy guitars and drum fills. The lyrics cut a delicate line between themes of fear and togetherness, reflected by its varied instrumentation and moments of calm and chaos. The song has been streaming online since 7th Nov and will be available to buy digitally on Dec 2nd. Their next gig is on Nov 30 supporting Leif Erikson at The Lexington, London."

    Listen here.

    4. Play New Star Cricket.


    Patrick says: "This is the fiendishly addictive follow-up to the Bafta-winning New Star Soccer, which became a firm favourite among commuters and bored office workers the country over.

    It's firmly in the same fast-paced, cartoonish arcade style its predecessor and is just as easy to pick up, with no knowledge of cricket really needed – this isn't one for purists. The elation of smacking the ball over the ropes for 6 is about equal to the frustration of getting out on your first ball.

    It's free-to-play with a host of paid-for things available to buy to give your cricketer an extra edge, but you can just about get buy without them."

    5. Cook these camembert and garlic dough balls.

    Facebook: video.php


    Get the recipe here.

    6. Try a Pixapet.

    Urban Outfitters

    For a very healthy dose of nostalgia, and a good amount of de-stressing, order one of these little guys to carry around in your pocket. I don't really need to sell one to you, you'll remember all of the reasons you need one from when you were eight.

    Buy one here.

    7. Follow Paperback Paradise on Twitter.

    "Really funny photoshops of old novels with new, usually sweary titles." says Hilary. What's not to love?

    Follow here.

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