Please Look At These Adorable Puppies You Will Not Be Sorry

    Q: What do you get if you cross a Jack Russell and a pug? A: The Leslie Knope of dogs.

    Jug: noun. A cross between a Jack Russell terrier and a pug. See also, the purest little things in the world.

    1. Here's a jug now.

    2. Here's another one.

    3. Here's a jug that really wants that burger you're eating.

    4. Here's a jug that thinks you need to rethink whatever you just said.

    5. Here's a jug that is an actual teddy bear.

    6. Here's a jug that wants seconds.

    7. Here's a jug that's reserving judgement.

    8. Here's a jug that has not reserved judgement.

    9. Here's a jug that totally didn't practise this face in the mirror.

    10. Here's a jug with the most precious belly.

    11. Here it is again for good measure.

    12. Here's a jug that does not want to be left behind.

    13. Here's a jug that really wants a cuddle.

    14. Here's a jug that's really a chip of the old Jack.

    15. Here's a jug that's sorry.

    16. Here's a jug that's had enough of your bullshit.

    17. Here's a jug that's definitely done for the day.

    18. Here's a jug that wants a promotion.

    19. Here is his competition.

    20. Here's is a jug that does not want to go to work today.

    21. Here is a jug that did go to work today.

    22. Here is a jug in a basket.

    23. Here is a jug with better eyebrows than you.

    24. Here is a jug that is too pure for this world.