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Please Look At These Adorable Puppies You Will Not Be Sorry

Q: What do you get if you cross a Jack Russell and a pug? A: The Leslie Knope of dogs.

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Jug: noun. A cross between a Jack Russell terrier and a pug. See also, the purest little things in the world.

1. Here's a jug now.

"Hi, I am an angel incarnate."

2. Here's another one.

"I'm a really good listener. And also please just look at my face."

3. Here's a jug that really wants that burger you're eating.

"I haven't eaten for five whole minutes, mum."

4. Here's a jug that thinks you need to rethink whatever you just said.

Instagram: @charlispetangels

"Are you sure Phantom Menace is the best of the Star Wars films?"

5. Here's a jug that is an actual teddy bear.

"I got a face for the pictures."

6. Here's a jug that wants seconds.

"I'm hungry, mother, I really am."

7. Here's a jug that's reserving judgement.

"Is that Nickleback t-shirt ironic or..."

8. Here's a jug that has not reserved judgement.

"This is a private conversation kbye."

9. Here's a jug that totally didn't practise this face in the mirror.

"#NoMakeup. #HealthyGlow. #WrinklesAreBeautiful #IWokeUpLikeThis."

10. Here's a jug with the most precious belly.

"Jugbod is the new Dadbod."

11. Here it is again for good measure.

"Draw me like one of your French bulldogs."

12. Here's a jug that does not want to be left behind.

"2gether 4ever."

13. Here's a jug that really wants a cuddle.

"Let's call in sick and watch rom-coms all day."

14. Here's a jug that's really a chip of the old Jack.

"I've got my mother's forehead wrinkles, though..."

15. Here's a jug that's sorry.

"It was just a really delicious shoe, mum."

16. Here's a jug that's had enough of your bullshit.

"I will answer to Ron Swanson."

17. Here's a jug that's definitely done for the day.

Naps or GTFO.

18. Here's a jug that wants a promotion.

"Hello, |'d like to discuss the career path for Top Dog."

19. Here is his competition.

"I really need this raise I have two humans to support."

20. Here's is a jug that does not want to go to work today.

"This bed is comfy and safe and soft and the world is so weird please don't make me go out there."

21. Here is a jug that did go to work today.

"You're late, Jim."

22. Here is a jug in a basket.

"Please do not return me to the shelf."

23. Here is a jug with better eyebrows than you.

"Just call me Cara Dogvigne."

24. Here is a jug that is too pure for this world.

"It's me, your Patronus."