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    17 Jaw Dropping British Hikes You Must Do Before You Die

    Walk this way.

    1. Stanage Edge, England

    Flickr: steveluck / Creative Commons
    Flickr: alpharich / Creative Commons

    Distance: 9 miles

    Explore the Peak District with this half-day walk that starts and finishes at Hathersage, leading you across the picturesque cliffs of Stanage.

    More information here.

    2. Lizard Coastal Walk, England

    Flickr: 50144889@N08 / Creative Commons
    Flickr: 50144889@N08 / Creative Commons

    Distance: 7 miles

    Get sea and sun on this hike along Britain's southern coast. The walk makes a two and a half hour loop, starting and finishing at Cornwall's gorgeous Kynance Cove.

    More information here.

    3. West Highland Way, Scotland

    Flickr: mischatuffield

    Distance: 96 miles

    This awe-inspiring trek through Scotland starts at Milngavie and wraps up at Fort William. The journey can be broken up into 13 shorter sections to help you plan a shorter hike or organize your walking holiday.

    More information here.

    4. Helvellyn, England

    Flickr: mattcyp88 / Creative Commons
    Flickr: 121871152@N04

    Distance: 9.5 miles

    Start and finish at Glenridding on this circular hike in the Lake District for fabulous views of the British country.

    More information here.

    5. Tryfan North Ridge, Wales

    Flickr: 38226774@N00 / Creative Commons
    Flickr: philpill / Creative Commons

    Distance: 2.5 miles

    Challenge yourself by ascending the northern ridge of Tryfan Mountain in Wales. Start in Ogwen Valley and head up the peak, then follow a slightly easier descent through Llyn Bochlwyd.

    More information here.

    6. South Downs Way, England

    Flickr: herry / Creative Commons
    Flickr: herry / Creative Commons

    Distance: 100 miles

    This trek stretches across Sussex from Winchester to Eastbourne, and can completed in 8 or 9 days, or broken up into smaller sections for day hikes.

    More information here.

    7. Bochlwyd Horsehoe, Wales

    Flickr: briantaylor / Creative Commons
    Flickr: simonsimages / Creative Commons

    Distance: 5.3 miles

    Travel from the foot of Tryfan to Y Gribin Ridge for unparalleled views of Wales on this 6 hour journey.

    More information here.

    8. North Downs Way, England

    Flickr: yeaki / Creative Commons

    Distance: 153 miles

    Hike from Farmham to Dover on this adventurous hike that will lead you through Kent and London. The full hike takes 12 days, but National Trails has created cropped day hikes for shorter trips.

    More information here.

    9. The Coniston Round, England

    Flickr: invvigren / Creative Commons
    Flickr: bods / Creative Commons

    Distance: 7.5 miles

    Travel across the rugged landscape of the Lake District on this half day hike from Coniston village and back again.

    More information here.

    10. Blencathra, England

    Flickr: peerlawther / Creative Commons
    Flickr: simonsimages / Creative Commons

    Distance: 5.3 miles

    Follow this looping route along the Scottish Borders and conquer the challenging but beautiful landscape of the North.

    More information here.

    11. Cleveland Way, England

    Flickr: summonedbyfells / Creative Commons
    Flickr: velikabritanija / Creative Commons

    Distance: 110 miles

    The full Cleveland Way hike stretches from Helmsley to Filey and takes an average of 9 days to complete. You can conquer the whole thing on a long walking holiday, or follow the section routes suggested by National Trails.

    More information here.

    12. Cotswold Way, England

    Flickr: 21081514@N08 / Creative Commons
    Flickr: clairemcox / Creative Commons

    Distance: 100 miles

    Travel from Chipping Campden to Bath on this walk through Wiltshire and Gloucestershire, or follow smaller day walks along the path.

    More information here.

    13. Glyndŵr's Way, Wales

    Flickr: 79553013@N00 / Creative Commons
    Flickr: 47042618@N06 / Creative Commons

    Distance: 135 miles

    Trek across Wales from Knighton to Welshpool on this expansive trail offering stunning views of the Welsh countryside.

    More information here.

    14. Pembrokeshire Coast, Wales

    Flickr: electricinca / Creative Commons

    Distance: 186 Miles

    Follow the stunning British coast on this seaside hike from St Dogmaels to Amroth.

    More information here.

    15. Hadrian's Wall, England

    Flickr: alun / Creative Commons

    Distance: 84 miles

    Go from coast to coast on the historical hike. Start at Wallsend on Britain's east coast and follow the Roman ruins of Hadrian's Wall west to Bowness-on-Solway. For day trips, you can take a cropped route planned by National Trails.

    More information here.

    16. Pennine Way, England

    Flickr: what_i_see / Creative Commons
    Flickr: southpaw2305 / Creative Commons

    Distance: 268 miles

    See the UK top to bottom on this sprawling hike that will lead you through the Lake and Peak Districts and beyond. National Trails have split up the epic journey into days, so you can plan each leg of your strip or just take a day off and do one section.

    More information here.

    17. Thames Path, England

    Flickr: clive_richardson / Creative Commons

    Distance: 184 miles

    Spanning London and the Chilterns, this mid-country hike will lead you along the River Thames from Greenwich right to the edge of the Cotswolds.

    More information here.

    Pembrokeshire is in Wales and Blencartha is in England, a previous version of this article misstated their locations.

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