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    21 Wedding Ring Alternatives Every Couple Should Get

    Diamonds aren't every girl's best friend.

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    For some partners, exchanging rings is deeply symbolic and very much connected to their relationship, and that's beautiful.


    1. But a traditional diamond ring may not be the right fit for some couples, and that's ok too.

    Maybe you'd prefer something a bit more understated and gender neutral, like these matching silver bands.

    £105 on Etsy.

    2. There are lots of ways to show you're committed to someone.

    3. And a ring may not be on the cards for a lot of reasons.

    Write each other a copy of your original vows to keep in your wallet.

    Check out these pocket-sized keepsake vow booklets for £6.32 on Etsy.

    4. Maybe you're forgetful and terrified to carry around something so valuable and so small.

    5. Maybe your budget won't allow for a big investment in a ring.

    No one said a wedding ring had to be expensive to be valuable.

    £79.00 on Etsy.

    6. You might rather spend the big bucks on travel...

    Take a cue from "Up" and use the money you might have spent on a ring to start an adventure fund for travelling and experiences you'll share.

    £15 on Etsy.

    7. A new home...

    Decide on a piece of art to hang in your dream home, and display it at your reception.

    This romantic, limited edition print of Bob Dylan and Suze Rotolo goes for £350 from YellowKorner.

    8. Or preparing for a family.

    Put aside money you might have spent on rings for your first family vacation, or your future children's college fund, and go for more understated jewellery to commemorate your wedding and grow with your family.

    £15 on Etsy.

    9. Maybe you feel rings symbolise an outdated sense of ownership.

    Plan for each partner to buy something personal and unique to your relationship instead of opting for a ring as an outward symbol that you're unavailable.

    £15 on Etsy.

    10. Or maybe rings just aren't your style.

    Different styles of jewelry will symbolize your bond all the same.

    £13 on Etsy.

    11. You might not be crazy about the diamond industry.

    This recycled silver ring might be more your style.

    £35 on Etsy.

    12. Or be allowed to wear jewelry on the job.

    Exchange engraved wallet cards that you can always keep on you.

    £15 on Etsy.

    13. Maybe you just can't justify the expense.

    Fake it 'til you make it with a ring that says you got the happy ending without the credit card debt.

    £15 on Etsy.

    14. A traditional ring might not be representative of your unique connection.

    You can often get fun and unique bands for cheaper than your average diamond ring.

    £98.81 on Etsy.

    15. Maybe you'll get one some day, but not now.

    It's okay to focus on buying practical things to start your life together for now and wait until you feel financially stable to treat each other to rings.

    £16 on Etsy.

    16. Weddings are the beginning of a long, long relationship after all.

    Instead of a ring, you could take 5-10 bottles of a nice wine produced in your wedding year to enjoy on anniversaries and special occasions, or simply one to display at home.

    Add some nice packaging with this lovely personalised wine box for £35 on Etsy.

    17. Maybe you've got to choose between your dream wedding and your dream ring.

    18. You might not be into material possessions.

    19. Maybe it's really nobody's business.

    If you want to save money and have a badass black wedding ring, you're 100% entitled.

    £65 on Etsy.

    20. Because your relationship is yours.

    A ring isn't the only symbol for love in the world.

    £64 on Stampyoface.

    21. And you get to show it's yours however you damn well please.