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21 Wedding Ring Alternatives Every Couple Should Get

Diamonds aren't every girl's best friend.

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2. There are lots of ways to show you're committed to someone.

Frame your wedding certificate and mementoes to display at home.

Check out UK based eFrames for custom framing under £100.


4. Maybe you're forgetful and terrified to carry around something so valuable and so small.

Matching tattoos cost less than diamonds and last a lifetime.

Find inspiration here and here.


8. Or preparing for a family.

Put aside money you might have spent on rings for your first family vacation, or your future children's college fund, and go for more understated jewellery to commemorate your wedding and grow with your family.

£15 on Etsy.

9. Maybe you feel rings symbolise an outdated sense of ownership.

Plan for each partner to buy something personal and unique to your relationship instead of opting for a ring as an outward symbol that you're unavailable.

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16. Weddings are the beginning of a long, long relationship after all.

Instead of a ring, you could take 5-10 bottles of a nice wine produced in your wedding year to enjoy on anniversaries and special occasions, or simply one to display at home.

Add some nice packaging with this lovely personalised wine box for £35 on Etsy.

17. Maybe you've got to choose between your dream wedding and your dream ring.

Diamonds are forever, but so are memories, and maybe making a frugal ring choice will open the doors to creating the wedding fantasy you always dreamed of sharing with all your favourite people.

Get inspired here.

18. You might not be into material possessions.

Your heart is enough to give, to be honest, but if you want to commemorate the occasion with a non-material gift, plant a tree and nurture it throughout your marriage, or consider donating to charity.

You can buy apple tree seeds for less than £10 on Amazon.