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I Honestly Can't Believe People Still Think Harry And Hermione Make A Good Couple

I respect your opinion but I don't understand it.

Hello, my fellow witches and wizards.

I come here today with a bone to pick.

It's come to my attention that people – maybe even some of YOU – out there think that Harry and Hermione should have ended up together at the end of Harry Potter.

I'm sorry but WHAT?

LOOK, this isn't, like, a "you suck" thing. I respect your opinion. This is a safe space.

But I'm genuinely confused.

I just don't see the chemistry.

I admit that I myself am a Ron/Hermione ride or die girl.

But HONESTLY, not even over Ron's dead body would it occur to me that Harry and Hermione should kiss.

Blech. It's like watching your cousins kiss.

So please. Explain it to me. Show me the light.

But I'm not looking for a "they belong together because they respect each other" line of defence.

But, seriously. I'm asking you. Was there a spark I missed?

Have I been wrong?

Blow my mind. I'm ready for it.

How many of you actually think Harry and Hermione made a good pair?

PS: Not that it matters but I do weirdly like that dancing scene in Deathly Hallows. It's super cute.