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    17 Completely Insane Things That Have Happened In Hostels

    Oh, host-HELL NO.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community about the most bizarre thing they ever experienced while staying in a hostel. Here's what they said:

    1. Footsie in Phuket


    I was staying in a hostel in Phuket, Thailand in a mixed dorm because it was the cheapest option. I chose the bed in the corner, and the beds were arranged in a head to foot way, so the footboard of my bed was pressed against my male roomie's headboard.

    I had drifted off and was sleeping very well. I slowly started waking up pleasantly surprised that my boyfriend was giving me a foot massage... And that's when the terror gripped me. MY BOYFRIEND WAS NOT WITH ME. It was the roomie I'd never met.

    – Rhea Eyre on Facebook

    2. The Near Piss-aster


    On a weekend trip to Ireland, my friends and I woke up early and were quietly chatting and packing when a river of urine just gushed down from the top bunk onto the bottom bunk, where my friend was staying. Luckily she had gotten up and was quietly packing her bags, or she might have been in for a non-consensual golden shower. He was still asleep in his own pee four hours later.

    – Bridget Ann Quitter on Facebook

    3. The Actual Piss-aster


    At a hostel in Berlin, I work up to find a drunk dude peeing on a suede jacket that belonged to the girl in the bunk above me. She was NOT happy.

    – Marisha Nozdryn-Plotnicki on Facebook

    4. The Tell-Tale Snore

    I was on a solo trip to London and ended up staying at a hostel in a room with about 24 other people. Every night, it took me ages to fall asleep because of the guy in the bunk across from me snored incredibly loudly. And his snore was odd. It would change types and range in sound and frequency. Halfway through the night, he would turn over and proceed to snore in a different, although more annoying fashion.

    On the last day of my trip, this guy came over to me in the dinning room, sat down, said hi, and started complaining about how he was having a hard time sleeping due to someone snoring loudly. It took so strength not to laugh in his face.


    5. The Glow and Show

    My friend and I were in Spain. Two towns in a row, she ended up bunking above the same man, who hated wearing clothes and loved wearing a headlamp. Every time he stood up, he shone it right in her face. The second night, my bunk bed was beside hers. I rolled over to talk to her, and caught a glimpse of his bunk below her. He was totally naked, and lying on top of his blankets. I get it – it's warm in Spain. But here's the thing: either wear underwear, or use a sheet. Nobody needs to see that.

    – Jerika Coleman on Facebook

    6. The Monkey Temple


    I stayed at a hostel in Kathmandu, Nepal for a few nights before heading out to the mountains. It was my third time going to Nepal, so I figured I would try staying in a different part of the city then I usually did. I found this place close to Swayambunath; also known as the monkey temple.

    When I arrived, I met my roommates and settled into my bed. My bed was closest to the window, which I noticed had a massive piece of wood jammed in to prevent it from opening. When I asked one of my roommates, she told me she had bought it earlier in the day to prevent monkeys from getting inside!

    Apparently people in another room had woken the previous night to find a monkey had opened the window and was standing in their room! Sure enough, later that night as I laid in bed, TONS of monkeys pounded on the windows, trying to get inside. When they couldn't, they jumped on the tin roof, making it sound like it was thundering outside. I slept with headphones on the two nights I was there, curled into a ball. Every time I woke up that night there was at least one monkey at the window, staring me down.


    7. The Shower Shoe Advert

    About two weeks ago, I was staying in a London hostel. It was 8 a.m.; I'd just gotten out of bed and I needed the toilet and the showers. So I grabbed my stuff and walked out of the room in my nightie, and completely barefoot, right into a big puddle of stinky poo water. The toilet had flooded. Good morning.

    – Kim Varod on Facebook

    8. The Lover's Spat (and then some)


    I stayed at a hostel in Panama City, Panama when I was 16. It was the first time I was ever traveling by myself. I requested a private room, but they were all full so the hostel staff put me in a room with empty bunkbeds but told me that it would fill up by the end of the night.

    I woke up around 3 a.m. to people yelling and slamming against the wall. Two Australian tourists were fighting in my room – a legit fight – and here I am, freaking out about what to do! The other guests just rolled over to the other side of their bunk and went back to sleep. Two seconds later, the guys who were fighting started MAKING OUT and ended up having sex on the floor next to my bed! Eventually they made it to their bed, which happened to be the one above me. Needless to say it was quite the experience.

    – Diana Lopez Solorzano on Facebook

    9. The Hold Up

    20th Century Fox

    I was at a hostel in Buenos Aires when a man and a woman in sunglasses were buzzed into the reception area. They pulled out guns and made the poor guy at the front desk hand over all of the cash. They also took cameras, cellphones, and cash from the guests who were in the area. Luckily, I was out of their line of sight, and they didn't take anything from me. It was scary, but everyone who was there really bonded over the experience, and, believe it or not, I thoroughly enjoyed the rest of my stay there!


    10. The Jerk in the Bottom Bunk


    I was staying in a mixed dorm hostel in Barcelona. Things were going well, the staff were super friendly. Then, on our last night before an early plane out, my friend and I went to bed early. I was in the top bunk, and I woke up in the middle of night to the bed shaking.

    What was happening? Oh, this guy was just jerking off beneath me.

    It was a long night.

    – Madigan Johnson on Facebook

    11. The Accidental Camp Out

    After hanging out with some new friends until 2am during a group trip to Solerno, Italy, me and my roommate decided to head back upstairs for some sleep.

    But when we got to our room, we realized we didn't have the key. Or the numbers of anyone else on the trip. We tried knocking on several doors, hoping our tripmates would answer, but no one ever did. We were able to get to the balcony, so we tried the doors that connected to our room from there. All were locked. We banged, no one answered.

    We ended up having to grab some towels that were drying outside and trying to fall asleep on some fold-out chairs. The following morning our roomates opened the balcony doors and were suprised to see us. They said that the all heard weird noises that night, but (sadly) chose to ignore them. At least I got to watch the sunrise...

    – Shoshanah Bush on Facebook


    12. The False Alarm


    My most memorable hostel stay would have to be when I was in Prague. I was with a tour group at the time and we had to be up insanely early, despite going to bed after 3am most mornings. We had only gotten about two hours of sleep when all of a sudden we were woken up by a fire alarm and evacuated from the building.

    There was no fire though. Turns out a few guys a few floors up were having a drunken fire-extinguisher fight and someone pulled the fire alarm to get them to stop.

    – Alex Hay on Facebook

    13. The Stash


    There was a foul smell coming from some girl's bed area, so the supervisors made her take out her belongings to clean them, or at least find the smell. Turned out she had been storing used sanitary pads because apparently her mom told her to bring them back home.

    – Obakemi Rotimi-Fadipe on Facebook

    14. Lost in Translation


    I was staying in a hostel in Rio with a friend. On our last morning, I was in the room packing and she had gone to the communal bathroom to brush her teeth. She came back into the room with a look of horror on her face. Apparently, another woman staying at the hostel had come into the bathroom freaking out about something in a language no one understood. The only cubicle was occupied, and she was getting more and more hysterical. My friend finally turned around to see what all the fuss was about, and realised that the woman had done a poo in her pants, ALL OVER THE FLOOR. My friend had to do a flying leap over the mess to get out, and did not recover until we were on the plane home.


    15. The Locker Room

    I was at a hostel in Dublin, and my friend and I thought we had the 18 bed dorm to ourselves. But it wasn't long until our dorm was filled with linebackers of an American college football team.

    I know what you're thinking: hot football players, walking around shirtless... sounds good right? We were about it until it was time to go to bed. The AC wasn't working well so we turned on the fans and opened the windows so it wouldn't be so hot while we all slept. When my friends and I got in that night, it smelt like ass and stale feet. There was nothing we could do because all the windows were open and the fans were on. On top of that, literally every single guy was snoring, loud. Rumble the earth loud.


    16. The Narrow Escape


    A group of friends and I were traveling to Rome for the weekend. We headed straight for our hostel, which I had booked in advance because it had some really nice looking pictures. Low and behold we get there and it was someone's personal home that had already been booked full and they told us we were on the couch.

    We left, and started searching for a hotel. When we found one, it had no occupancy but recommended a hostel across the road. At this point, it was 1:30AM and we were desperate. We had to split up, and I was the only one of my friends in a six bed dorm. The room was gross, the bathroom had throw-up in it, everyone smelled.

    BUT it got worse. At 4am, when I was finally starting to doze off, I heard yelling. I turned to look and saw the hostel front desk clerk holding up a BUTCHER KNIFE to a guest. The guest was clearly drunk and started freaking out, but eventually calmed down the clerk and then went to bed. Let's just say that we left at 7AM and snagged a room at the Best Western the next few nights…


    17. The Shower Scene


    My first time in NYC, I stayed at a hostel in Brooklyn. One morning, I was leaving the shower room, wrapped in a towel and carrying undergarments – my room was just down the hall. I opened the bathroom door, and BOOM! I slammed into a film crew, with cameras, boom mics, and all. It turned out the show "Breaking Amish" was filming at my hostel, and I'm certain they recorded more than they expected that night.


    These submissions have been edited for length and clarity.