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    13 Things You Should Be Buying On Etsy This Week

    Sassy cat collars for everyone.

    Etsy has over 35 million items on sale, so browsing for cool, new things from small businesses and up-and-coming artists and crafters can be a little overwhelming.


    Lucky for you, I’m here to clue you in on the best things available on the site from week to week.

    From the gorgeously designed to the delightfully weird, Etsy has provided us with a breakdown of this week’s UK crowd favourites, so you can click in and snag them from the comfort of your couch this weekend.

    So, without further ado, here’s what you should be checking out on Etsy for the week of 21 August.

    *drumroll please*

    1. This felt tea banner, £14

    "I am so so so pleased with my order. Hannah responded to my emails very promptly, my item arrived super quick packaged up beautifully," says this review.

    2. These bee nail stickers, £3.50

    "I absolutely love these! I used them with gel polish and it worked perfectly and looks flawless," says this review.

    3. These couture headdresses, £65-110

    Here's what one review of the seller's work had to say: "Wonderful craftsmanship, very gorgeous piece. I really loved another piece for sale but wanted it in another color and Liv readily agreed to make a custom one for me for the same price. I definitely recommend this shop, and I am very satisfied."

    4. This gin tote, £13.67

    According to one review: "So stinking cute. Perfect alternative gym bag for those of us who aren't as fitness savvy."

    5. This "I can't even" cat collar, £11.74

    These collars don't have any reviews yet, and I think we can all guess how a cat's going to respond, but that doesn't stop them from being irresistibly perfect.

    6. This gold plated peridot set, £24.75

    Here's what a review of the pendant has to say: "Received in good condition, lovely packaged and in good time. It is very tiny, indeed, but cute and easy to wear for everyday."

    7. This personalised child-sized rolling pin, £9.99

    The rolling pins haven't been reviewed yet, but this review for an engraved cutting board is promising: "Beautiful piece. Excellent delivery and service. Checked before engraving. I will be getting more."

    8. This rose gold heartbeat ring, £7

    On helpful review says: "I love this ring! And since it's adjustable, I'm not stuck having to just wear it on the same finger everyday, and I can easily slide it past my knuckles and then tighten it up so that it doesn't turn. I can also make the "heartbeat" looser or tighter if I want."

    9. These printed pencil cases, £8

    Here's what a balanced review says: "Happy with this item. The zip is metal which is great in terms of quality, I'm sure it will last well, but it seems a little chunky for the size of the pencil case. Just a small thing overall though. Otherwise happy."

    10. These rose gold druzy studs, £24.47

    "Absolutely love my earrings, they are gorgeous and the packaging was super cute. Thank you for the prompt delivery and quality product," says one satisfied customer.

    11. These personalised cooking spoons, £10

    Here's what one review has to say: "The item is exactly as is expected... very nicely engraved and made to the exact order. Thank you for making such a simple yet elegant product!"

    12. This golden bee clutch, £10

    Here's what one review of the seller has to say: "Super adorable, great quality, and fast shipping! Order from this seller, you won't regret!"

    13. This sterling silver peridot ring, £23

    "Beautiful and as described, I would purchase from this seller again. Thank you," says a promising review.

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