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28 Problems Busy People In Relationships Know Too Well

Dating against the clock.

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4. When you do find time to be together, the first thing on your mind is SLEEP.

5. And you're one of those couples who actually cuddle through the night because that's the quality time that fate dealt you.

10. If you don't live together, you may start to wonder you'll ever see your S.O. again.

11. Or if they ever existed in the first place.

12. You cringe every time your couple friends on normal schedules post cute pictures of their abundant quality time.

21. And having time to Netflix binge feels like the equivalent of going on a fancy date.

24. But when you do get that unicorn of a getaway, you go all out.

27. And even though it can be damn irritating to be constantly waiting for a moment to be together...


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