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    28 Problems Busy People In Relationships Know Too Well

    Dating against the clock.

    1. Things can get rough when you're in a relationship where one partner works nights, weekends, or travels a lot.

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    2. After all, you're with your partner because you want to actually BE WITH them.

    3. But most of the time, you feel lucky to spend a couple of hours a day together.

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    4. When you do find time to be together, the first thing on your mind is SLEEP.

    5. And you're one of those couples who actually cuddle through the night because that's the quality time that fate dealt you.

    6. Each partner thinks they have the worse deal schedule-wise.

    7. And you spend most of the day praying your S.O. has used up all their alone time to do the chores.


    8. You text each other everything, because who knows when you'll have a chance to talk IRL.

    9. You've tried to sync your calendars, but you still never know what they're up to.


    10. If you don't live together, you may start to wonder you'll ever see your S.O. again.

    11. Or if they ever existed in the first place.

    12. You cringe every time your couple friends on normal schedules post cute pictures of their abundant quality time.

    13. You're constantly having to explain why your partner isn't out with you.

    14. And why you can't go out when they're off work because you want to spend actual time with them.

    15. You have a lot of friends who have never even met your S.O.


    16. But your relationship is FINE, you promise.

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    17. You plan your meals based on which ones you know you'll share.


    18. You never get to sleep in on the same days.


    19. But you do get the the benefit of having extra you time.


    20. Fitting in sexy time is an occasional challenge.


    21. And having time to Netflix binge feels like the equivalent of going on a fancy date.

    22. Planning time at home together is hard enough...


    23. So planning holidays together can seem impossible.


    24. But when you do get that unicorn of a getaway, you go all out.

    25. Feeling strained for time can add stress on your relationship.


    26. But limited time also means you value what you do have.


    27. And even though it can be damn irritating to be constantly waiting for a moment to be together...

    28. You wouldn't trade the time you have for the world.

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