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11 Essays Everyone With A Body Should Read

Stories about synaesthesia, scoliosis, health anxiety, and more.

1. "9 Things I Wish I'd Known About Health Anxiety" by Fiona Ward

2. "I Have A Kind Of Synaesthesia That Lets Me Taste Colour And Light" by Lydia Ruffles

3. "Puberty Gave Me Curves I Never Expected" by Rosalind Jana

4. "This Is What It's Like To Go Through Menopause At 25" by Lucy Pasha-Robinson

5. "This Is Why I Quit Exercise Therapy" by Camilla Maxted

6. 7 Things I Learned When My Mum Had Cancer by Ailbhe Malone

7. "Here's What It's Like To Have Time-Space Synaesthesia" by Emma Yeomans

8. "This Is What It's Like To Have Sleep Paralysis" by Sarah Maria Griffin

9. "This is What It's Like to Have Bells Palsy" by Claire Moses

10. "I Hate Mixing Foods And That's Actually Fine" by Ailbhe Malone

11. "How Facing Fertility Problems in My Twenties Shaped My Relationships" by Brydie Lee-Kennedy