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    There's A Village In Wales That Is Basically One Big Library

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    1. This is the Welsh village of Hay-on-Wye.

    2. It's got a lovely castle.

    3. There are plenty of adorable cafes and antique shops.

    4. Plus lots of deliciously, locally sourced food.

    5. But that's not why you're here, now is it?

    6. Because charming as the rest of it is... the thing that Hay-on-Wye does better than anywhere else...

    7. ... is books.

    8. Hay-on-Wye is the world's largest second-hand and antiquarian book centre.

    9. It's got some of the most charming bookshops in the world.

    10. And some of the creepiest.

    11. In case the shops on every corner don't do it for you...

    12. ... the village is full secret spots to pick up a new read.

    13. Hay-on-Wye has several unmanned "honesty bookshops."

    14. Like this one...

    15. ... with its outdoor shelves lining the outer walls of the castle.

    16. Perfection.

    17. And lots of pop-up sales.

    18. The village hosts the annual Hay Literary Festival, bringing in lots of acclaimed writers.

    19. And more importantly, THESE CHAIRS.

    20. There are tiny, perfect outdoor shelves everywhere.

    21. The village's main export must be bookshelf porn.

    22. I mean, honestly.

    23. Just shut up and take my money, Hay-on-Wye.

    24. There are so many bucket list bookshops.

    25. With so much history and ambience, you could probably spend a year in each one.

    26. You could seriously camp out here forever.

    27. You might as well pick up and move there right now.

    28. Because Hay-on-Wye gets you.

    29. BRB, *bookgasming*.

    The Hay Festival runs 21-31 May 2015.