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    Posted on Sep 3, 2016

    7 Excellent Ways To Kill Time This Week

    What to watch, read, play, and eat.

    Rebecca Hendin / Thinkstock / BuzzFeed

    1. Watch Fleabag.

    BBC Three

    Natalya says: "It's the first TV show I've ever seen with a female lead who is unapologetically selfish and chaotic, like Don Draper but funny rather than really serious and brooding. She's actually kind of really unlikable but also really likable. In that way it's really feminist, I think.

    "It's one of the first times I've come across a lead female character (other than maybe Piper from Orange Is the New Black) who is allowed to be deeply flawed in a true moralistic way. Also, it's really funny and well-filmed, and the intros are really hilarious but artistic too. It's just a testament to BBC Three staying on top form after moving to online only."

    Watch it on BBC Three.

    Not your thing? Chef's Table Season 3: France premiers on Netflix this weekend.

    2. Read The Graces by Laure Eve.

    Faber & Faber

    If you're looking for your next up-all-night page turner, I found it. Fans of The Craft will particularly like Laure Eve's debut, which follows River's fascination turned full-on obsession with a mysterious and aloof family of assumed witches in a coastal Cornish town. Mystery is everywhere and you'll find yourself gobbling up massive chunks of pages at a time to find the answers – are the Graces really witches? How far will River go to win their acceptance, love, and trust? And what exactly did she do to cause her father's disappearance?

    Buy a copy here.

    If you're not into the paranormal, I recently read Garth Greenwell's What Belongs to You, a short and poignant novel following an American teacher in Bulgaria's frustrating relationship with a male prostitute.

    3. Listen to BBC Radio 4's Soul Music.

    Ailbhe says: "I really like the BBC Radio 4 series Soul Music, which my mum turned me on to!

    It's the oral histories of single tracks. It's really varied – from Bach to movie tracks, to religious music, to folk music. Because it's Radio 4, the radio production is impeccable and the guests are great."

    Listen here.

    Or check out one of my pet albums this year, the Fratellis' Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied.

    4. Play Magic Mansion.

    This adorable game offers a major throwback to your old favourite Nintendo classics. With one-touch gameplay, avoid traps and jump your way through the charming but challenging platform levels.

    Get it for iOS and Android.

    For a more high-tech option, hack your way through this Mr Robot-inspired game.

    5. Cook this easy chocolate and strawberry tart.

    Ellie Holland / Proper Tasty

    It's simple to make and delicious AS. FUCK. So what are you waiting for? Satisfy your inner chocoholic and pretend the strawberries make it healthy enough that eating the whole thing is actually fine. You will only regret it a little bit.

    Get the recipe here.

    For a savoury option, take your pick of these yummy pasta recipes.

    6. Try these adorable sushi moulds.

    Pack your rice in and follow the stencils for the easiest little sushi rolls in the world. They also work as bread moulds, so your lunch will be the most adorable part of your day.

    Buy the kitten mould here and the panda mould here.

    Or find a new and easy way to treat yourself, no matter what your schedule.

    7. Follow @abandonedspaces

    Twitter: @abandonedspaces

    Add a healthy dose of wanderlust to your Twitter feed with this jaw dropping account. It's a such a nice break from scrolling through nose and snappy @'s, and you're sure to find your social media experience a little more zen because of it.

    Follow @abandonedspaces here.

    Or follow BuzzFeed UK on Instagram for all the memes and cute animals your heart desires.

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