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    19 Journals That Are Actually Fun AF To Use

    Wreck these journals.

    1. 1 Page at a Time, by Adam J. Kurtz

    Fun and simple, 1 Page at a Time is a great choice for beginning journallers who are hoping to infuse their day with a bit of positive and creative fun. The pocket-sized book asks you to fill out – you guessed it – one page at a time every day for a year. It invites you to record memories, dream for the future, make things, do things, and have fun.

    Buy it here.

    2. Start Where You Are, by Meera Lee Patel

    This sweet and beautiful journal is all about encouraging mindfulness and giving yourself some room to breathe, think, and play. Printed in beautiful full colour, the journal offers unique options for looking at your day and the moment, from writing prompts to games, with gorgeous illustrations and quotes.

    Buy it here.

    3. I Am Here Now, from the Mindfulness Project

    The London-based Mindfulness Project, which offers a variety of personal courses and business training in mindfulness, brings its expertise to this charming little journal. I Am Here Now offers a unique collection of daily guides, colouring pages, fill-ins, and blank space to encourage thoughtful meditation and mindfulness.

    Buy it here.

    4. 365: A Daily Creative Journal by Noah Scalin.

    This fun concept journal invites you to pick a theme and doodle, collage, paint, or write a version of it every day. Author Noah Scalin chose skulls, and prompts you to make something of your own on your chosen theme every day throughout the year. It's a fun little daily task that can be as simple or as involved as you like it, will give you time for mindfulness and the opportunity to chip away at a creative block in a no-pressure way, plus at the end of the year, you've got a cool collection of 365 little works of art that show how differently you can look at a thing, at life, and at yourself.

    Bonus: It's not dated, so you can start right now!

    Buy it here.

    5. The Art of Getting Started, by Lee Crutchley

    This playful little book is perfect for anyone wanting to add a touch of whimsy and serendipity into their routine. Made of of prompts for writing, doodles, collages, and more, The Art of Getting Started is designed to spark creativity and develop new ideas and ways of looking at things.

    Buy it here.

    6. Wreck This Journal, by Keri Smith

    Keri Smith's classic irreverent journal is a must for anyone who wants a fresh way to record thoughts, memories, and feelings. The playful book will challenge you, encourage you, and surprise you with every new page, and the best part is that the point is to make a mess of it, so no more "starting over with a fresh one."

    Buy it here.

    7. Letters to My Future Self, by Lea Redmond

    This charmingly designed little diary is great for people who don't see the point in writing for no one. Record your day through the lense of telling your future self about it. What do you want to remember? What do you hope you've learned? Dream big, and practise treating yourself with kindness.

    Buy it here.

    8. The Scribble Diary by Lisa Curry

    This cute-as-buttons little journal is perfect for constant doodlers. Adorable prompts appear on every page, begging to be finished, filled out, or written about. It's a cute little way to record your stray thoughts, and it's bound to get you thinking.

    Buy it here.

    9. Start Now!, by Kate Neckel

    Start Now! is a cute and quirky journal-meets-colouring book, perfect for visual thinkers or writers who feel intimidated by the blank page. Kate Neckel's clever and thoughtful month-long book is great way to dive into journalling; you won't be able to help but engage with her friendly voice and thought-provoking pages.

    Buy it here.

    10. Ready, Set, Novel, by Chris Baty and Lindsey Grant

    Turn your daydreams into a full-on project with this creative workbook just made for people with big imaginations. Even if you didn't have it in your head to write a novel before, channelling your stray thoughts into Chris Baty and Lindsey Grant's fool-proof book will help you give your thoughts shape, and who know what you might make out of them?

    Buy it here.

    11. The Fashion Journal from Ohh Deer

    Doodle in style with this stunning sketchbook from stationary company Ohh Deer and Urban Outfitters. The journal offers various model sizes and poses to help you imagine your personal style brand. So whether you're a future designer or a fashion fan, the journal gives you a unique way to record your ideas and personality.

    Buy it here.

    12. 642 Tiny Things To Write About, from the San Francisco Writer's Grotto

    Kiss writer's block goodbye with this fun and helpful book of prompts and ideas from the San Francisco Writer's Grotto. The creative jumpstart is a great tool for beginning writers as well as old hats on the hunt for new ideas, and has enough prompts for multiple uses per day.

    Buy it here.

    13. Year of the Doodle, by Dawn Devries Sokol

    This stylish art journal is the perfect companion for anyone who's looking for an alternative diary experience. The dated book prompts you to draw, collage, paint, and write your way through the year, so that by the end you've got a stunning book full of art and experience.

    Buy it here.

    14. The Dream Journal, from Knock Knock

    Get to know your subconscious with this easy-as-pie dream journal. Describe, reflect, and rate your dream, and look back after a year to see what ideas stuck with you in sleep and awake.

    Buy it here.

    15. Map My Heart, by Dominic Evans

    This stunning journal is the creative mind's guide to heartbreak. The journal is designed specifically for people going through a breakup, and offers plenty of space and prompts to channel all the feelings that go along with heartbreak.

    Buy it here.

    16. Write Here, Write Now, by Nicole LaRue and Naomi Davis Less

    Write Here, Write Now is designed for young teens, but honestly, anyone looking for a fun and creative journalling experience will love it. Full of illustrated, thought provoking pages that will take your mind places you weren't expecting it to go, the diary will help you get to know yourself better and improve your doodling skills at the same time.

    Buy it here.

    17. The Imaginary World Of..., by Keri Smith

    Another gem from illustrator Keri Smith, The Imaginary World Of... keeps journallers engaged with questions both mundane and delightfully strange. Smith's charming journals constantly encourage creative thinking and catharsis, and are a great way to get out of your own brain.

    Buy it here.

    18. The Steal Like an Artist Journal, by Austin Kleon

    As a follow up to his bestselling book on being creative, Austin Kleon offers an interactive journal version so that readers can take their own creative walkabout. Kleon's cleverly designed notebook is all about sparking ideas and noticing the world around you, and is perfect for low attention spans, cluttered minds, and beginning writers.

    Buy it here.

    19. How to Be Happy (Or at Least Less Sad), by Lee Crutchley

    In this heartfelt follow-up to The Art of Getting Started, Lee Crutchley creates a safe and cosy place to get creative, re-examine problems, and encourage gratitude and positivity in an organic and fun way.

    Buy it here.

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