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    Every Snapchat I Sent From The Harry Potter Studio

    My patronus is butterbeer.

    Hi, I'm Chelsey, and I am, to put it very lightly, a Harry Potter enthusiast.

    Exhibits A, B, C, D, E, and F.

    I live in London, and I won't say that decision had nothing to do with HP. On the weekends you can usually find me somewhere on this map:

    Last year, I stayed at London's technically unbranded but very much Harry Potter-inspired hotel.

    I Snapchatted my adventures and it was basically like spending the night in Gryffindor Common Room.

    AKA I went to heaven and then I had to come back to Earth. Rude.

    This year, I went on my fourth – COUNT 'EM, FOURTH – trip to the Harry Potter Studio Tour.

    So, of course, I figured some snaps were in order.

    You must go in via the Muggle entrance.

    But that's OK, because the inside is magical AF.

    And don't even get me started on the wizarding food porn.

    And you thought Chocolate Frogs were magical.


    And lots of other magical snacks to choose from.

    I'd stick with a good old-fashioned Sugar Quill, myself.

    I ran into this absolute icon.

    And I got a first-hand look at Harry's evolution.

    TBH, when I'm flat-hunting, I give estate agents photos of Gryffindor Tower as a reference point.

    And enjoyed a little nostalgia for my epic Ron crush.

    Then I started to get a little thirsty...

    Praise God for Longbottoming.

    I had a quick run-in with this asshole in the foyer...

    But then I ran into more welcome company.

    Miss you, buddy.

    I saw TONS of the original costumes...

    And tried not to get weird about the fact that some of my favourite people once sweated in them.

    And basically died checking out the props.


    SO REAL.

    And oh my god, the design.

    The graphic designers of HP are the actual wizards.

    I saw some horcruxes and Hallows, nbd...

    Now how about that Elder Wand?

    And found out that magic cats are just like regular cats.

    AKA they're cute little assholes.

    I relived some of my best memories...

    BRB, just imagining Tracy Jordan as a dreamcast Snape.

    And some of my worst.

    I am scarred for life and not in a cool lightning-bolt-shaped way.

    The sets are amazing.

    Like, really, truly incredible.

    I mean, it feels like you're really there...

    And since I must not tell lies, Umbridge's office is actually one of my favourite exhibits.

    So much cringey pink detail!

    And for now, there's even more sets to explore than usual...

    Because the door to Privet Drive has been opened...

    And it is....


    I love it so much. I love it so, so, so much.

    But there's really nothing as wonderful as the Hogwarts model at the end.

    There's so much nostalgia and wonderful, wonderful things leading up to it that by the time I get to the end, I usually just burst.

    I got a little choked up when I ran into this on my way out...

    But I helped myself to a little pick-me-up in the shamelessly perfect gift shop at the end.

    It was the best, and I am just waiting for them to accept my offer to follow in Filch's footsteps and be a squib caretaker. I would be perfectly OK with that.

    Privet Drive is open at the Harry Potter Studio Tour from 27 May to 6 June 2016.

    Book here.