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    16 Ways To Experience Edinburgh On The Cheap

    All under a fiver.

    Chelsey Pippin / BuzzFeed / Flickr: georgecollins / Instagram: @ivytangdu

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share their favourite budget Edinburgh tip. Here's what they said:

    1. Visit the stunning St Giles Cathedral

    Flickr: swampa

    Budget: £3 suggested donation

    "You can spend hours in St Giles Cathedral gazing at the stunning stained glass."

    Suggested by Jack Scarfe

    2. Get a scoop at Mary's Milk Bar

    3. Stop and smell the roses at the Royal Botanic Gardens

    4. Stuff your face at Wings

    5. Take a trip to Cramond Island

    Flickr: georgecollins

    Budget: £3.50 day ticket

    "Get a day saver bus ticket, take the 41 to Cramond, and walk to Cramond Island."

    Suggested by Alan Sloan on Facebook.

    6. Visit the spooky Edinburgh Anatomical Museum

    Flickr: jambamkin

    Budget: Free

    "You can visit Edinburgh's Anatomical Museum for free. It contains jars of body parts that the University used to use towards the end of the 1800’s."

    Suggested by colettedigid

    7. Climb to the top of Arthur's Seat

    Flickr: saskiavandenieuwenhof

    Budget: Free

    "Walking up Arthur’s seat and the Crags is a given. It’s absolutely free and the view is stunning."

    Suggested by clairem4770c11ee

    8. Catch some improv at The Stand

    9. Explore the National Portrait Gallery

    10. Have a curry at The Mosque Kitchen

    11. Get a bird's eye view of the sea from The Nelson Monument

    Flickr: randz

    Budget: £4 entry

    "Nelson's Monument has the best views from Carlton Hill, with a fab view down Princes Street."

    Suggested by Sarah Wilson on Facebook

    12. Grab a bite at Wannaburger

    13. Admire the art and architecture in the National Museum of Scotland

    Flickr: glynniqua

    Budget: Free

    "Head over to the National Museum of Scotland for one of their free afternoon tours. Don’t forget to check out the view of the city, the surrounding countryside and the Forth from the Museum’s roof garden."

    Suggested by Charlie Bush on Facebook.

    14. See what's on at the Banshee Labyrinth.

    Budget: Free

    The popular night club hosts free Karaoke every Tuesday, and regularly screens classic cult films for £3.

    Suggested by Lynn Koch on Facebook.

    15. Go for books and booze at The Library Bar

    16. Walk along the Union Canal

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    The Mosque Kitchen has been open to the public since its opening, a day ticket to Cramond Island is £3.50, only the glasshouses at the Botanic Gardens require an entry fee, and films at the Banshee Labyrinth are free. A previous version of this article misstated these details.

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