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There Is Going To Be A Bar Based On "Breaking Bad"

Chemicals and cocktails.

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"Breaking Bad" fans in London are about to get a taste of Heisenberg magic with this summer's opening of a new pop-up inspired by the acclaimed series from AMC, from the organisers who brought us Locappy and Annie The Owl.

The bar will be called ABQ, a reference to the show's setting in Albuquerque, will be chock full of easter eggs for fans of the show. Expert mixologists will help guests cook their own cocktails in a converted RV, a nod to Jesse and Walt's early days in a mobile meth lab, and the venue will be decked with signature props from the show, from gas masks to chemistry flasks to atmospheric smoke.


ABQ is set to open in July, though a firm date hasn't been set, with plans to stay open through September. The RV can hold up to 22 guests at a time, and the waiting list is already live and 18,000 strong.

Hopeful guests can supply their details to earn a cooking slot and 2 cocktails for £30 on the ABQ website.

You can follow news about the pop up on Twitter and Facebook.