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    24 Relationship Problems That Are Too Real For People WIth Anxiety

    If they don't text back, they are legit dead.

    1. Choosing the restaurant for a date is literally torture.


    If you pick the place and your partner's food is anything less than the best thing they've ever eaten, you might NEVER FORGIVE YOURSELF. At the least, you'll cringe about it for weeks to come.

    2. And let's not even start with what happens when you have to choose your own dish.

    3. Sometimes you just can't deal when they're not bothered by something that stresses you out.


    Because to you, caring = freaking the fuck out. So if they're not as worried about arriving to that party at EXACTLY 7:00pm, not before and not after, how are you supposed to believe they actually love you, hmmm?

    4. But more often, you're really relieved you have them to lean on.

    5. You rely on them to do double checks on things you're SURE you've forgotten.


    You: "Did I leave the stove on?"

    Them: "We literally have not used the stove in over a week, but I'm checking." *sends confirmation photo*

    6. If you can't reach them, you're pretty certain they're dead AND the house has burned down.

    Anna Borges / BuzzFeed

    And that's when the real catastrophising begins.

    7. You're constantly surprising your partner with impromptu anxiety attacks.


    What feels like hours of build-up to you is quite often a sudden shock to them.

    8. And you spend a lot of time apologising for being so sensitive and anxious.


    "I'm NOT sorry that I didn't like what you did (bc let's face it you were wrong), but I AM sorry it sent me into a spiral of misery and panic and kind of ruined both of our days."

    9. You're never sure if you want them to leave you alone when you're feeling stressed...

    10. Or dedicate every shred of their energy to distracting you from the funk you're in.


    If you leave me alone with my thoughts I might actually explode.

    11. Being ~intimate~ can sometimes be a challenge.

    12. And let's face it, sex is kind of stressful for everyone so it's like TENFOLD for you.


    Oh my god what if I forgot deodorant, am I actually disgusting, are they into this, how can they be into this, I'm the worst, did I leave the oven on? The ceiling's going to collapse and we're going to die, if we don't die, we're definitely going to get pregnant and be stuck together forever, fuck I'm wearing the undies with the hole in them, did I pay the phone bill? These sheets smell like old books and it's weirding me out. Am I even doing this right? Oh my god everyone in the world is better than me at sex. What if the condom breaks, what's the success rate of my birth control again? What if that thing I saw on TV that one time actually happens and we get STUCK TOGETHER????

    13. One of the most romantic things your partner can do is assure you that your jokes are funny.

    14. And that you're NOT the scum of the earth in general.


    You're pretty good at convincing yourself that you're the worst and that everything you've ever done is serious the dumbest, most ugh-worthy stuff of all time, so you really need them around to counteract that a little bit.

    15. Strike that, the most wonderful thing they can do for you is tell you a plan. In advance. And stick to it.

    Anna Borges / BuzzFeed

    It can be hard work to follow through on a plan. So when you've got someone who loves you enough to be mindful that you NEED to know what's going on and be able to count on a plan, and makes an effort to keep you in the loop to boot, they might just be The One.

    16. You really appreciate when they try to motivate and help you.


    They like you, they really like you?

    17. But sometimes their attempt to help is just TOO DAMN STRESSFUL.

    18. Because when you're having an anxious moment, even their best advice is pretty useless.

    Comedy Central


    19. Mostly you just want them to say "This completely sucks for you and I'm sorry."

    20. You sometimes feel guilty because you need a lot from them.


    Sometimes it's an extra hug, sometimes it's all of the pizza, sometimes it's the strength not to get angry at you when you're having less than ~rational~ feelings.

    21. But you also know that you don't want a partner who won't help you get through your shit.


    What's that always accurate Marilyn Monroe quote again?

    22. The fact that they're willing to try to sleep next to a person whose brain is incapable of going to sleep when it should says a lot about how amazing they are.

    Anna Borges / BuzzFeed

    And a "U up?" text usually means more "I need to vent my whole life right this minute or I'll implode" than "Let's hook up."

    23. And you love them for that.

    Focus Features

    If they can hang in there, hopefully so can you.

    24. Because their support and patience is more meaningful than you can possibly tell them.


    But even thinking about trying to tell them how much they mean to you makes you pretty anxious, tbh.

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